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TikTok has bad news. Karla Pardini, a 21-year-old TikTok star, was shot to death near her home after receiving a suspicious phone call. The death of the TikTok star Karla Pardini has been confirmed by reports. Below, we provide all information available about the incident.

According to the New York Post’s initial reports, the young social media content creator was lured outside by a late-night phone call. She was later found dead at her home.

The mother of the Mexican content creator spoke out about the tragic incident. She said Karla was hounded by someone before she left home. Karla was then murdered outside.

Karla was well-known for her lip synching videos and dance routines. She used to post content from her TikTok account and had many followers.

Here are more details about this terrible incident.

How did TikTok Star Karla Pardini die?

Karla Pardini, a Sinaloa-based social media content creator, was only 21 years old when she died. On Tuesday, September 20, the young TikTok star was filmed multiple times.

According to The Mirror’s reports, Karla was contacted by a suspicious caller at 10.30 PM local time. She immediately fled her home after receiving the call. Authorities found her body near the property after she failed to return.

When speaking to Sara Bruna Quinonez, Sinaloa prosecutor, Sara Bruna Quinonez stated that she was informed by her mother that she received a phone call and went outside when the attack took place.

According to available information, the case has been identified as “femicide”. At the time of writing, however, there have been no arrests.

Sara Bruna Quinonez, Sinaloa’s prosecutor, said that the attack was a femicide. She stated that she registered the crime because the victim was vulnerable and in a state where she couldn’t help but to help herself when it happened.

Quinonez added that “We are conducting the investigation with the strictest secrecy in order to not alert the suspect.”

Some witnesses told police they saw armed people in the area prior to Karla’s murder.

Who was TikTok Star Karla Pardini,

Karla was a passionate young TikTok content creator. She rose to fame through her lip-sync videos, and dance routines.

Her following base is 90,000 and she has received over 350k likes to her videos. One of her videos had the caption, “When they tell you they don’t love me.” In short, I hope you like me less.”

Her followers learned of her death via Twitter. They have used the platform to mourn her loss on other social media platforms, including Twitter. Many others started commenting on her TikTok videos.

Many of her fans left comments under her latest video, which now has over 1.5 million views.

One person expressed concern over the passing of the young influencer by saying, “RIP, heard all about her, didn’t know anything about her before that.”

Another user wrote: “To the friends & family of Ms. Karla Pardini. Sending the deepest sympathy for your loss.”

Another user wrote, “I am very sorry. What a terrible pain.” I send my hugs to your family and friends. You were an innocent star, so fly high!

Another user wrote, “The saddest is to think that the last call was possibly from a person that you trust, that’s how I don’t believe anyone.”

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The Bottom Line

This is all about Karla Pardini, TikTok’s star who was killed outside her home. We pray for her soul to find peace, and that God will give strength and courage to her family members and friends.

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