Is Textbroker Legit Or Scam Check Reviews And Details Here!

In the post is Textbroker legitimate exposes the authentic nature of the freelance writer platform, as well as the independent reviews.

Are you an enthusiastic person who writes? Are you interested in earning money through your passions? Textbroker is one of the United States -based online platform, can help you in reaching your writing goals. However, in this post we will examine whether Textbroker is legitimate. Textbroker is legit. Textbroker legitimate?

The platform for paid writing

Textbroker is a site for freelancers which hires freelancers to write content. We analyzed it with two different criteria to judge its authenticity.

  • Based on Better Business Bureau ratings, this broker earned an A+ which means the business is reliable and legitimate to operate on and is a good example of professional and reputable business practices.
  • However, they have received 1-to-2-star ratings from their freelance writers , because they pay very little to writers. Sometimes, they do not get the money they are due.

This means that the textbroker is legitimate and does not pay its freelancers as much.

What Is Textbroker?

Text brokers are an online platform that connects business clients with freelance writers who are independent .First the clients explain the project’s details to freelancers. Then they must finish the task. Text brokers employ freelance writers who write on behalf of their customers. Their primary task is to provide writing services to their business customers.

It was started by an German called Jan Becker-Fohler back in 2007. However, in the past few years, they have grown into one of the most renowned marketplace for content within the United States. With the assistance of freelance writers they have been able to satisfy over 80 000 clients.

True reviews

Textbroker review is on numerous reputable online sites. Two kinds of reviews are able to be observed,

  • From the perspective of freelance writers’ viewpoint, this platform seems like a scam as they’re not receiving enough money to sustain themselves. In addition, writers are flooded with more content and are left with a lower salary (less 1 cent per sentence). Accounts are deactivated without prior approval.
  • Reviews from clients The reviews are positive because this is among the top outsourcing markets for all kinds of writing. Many customers are happy by their outsourcing providers.

The real face of the text broker

Is Textbroker Legit? The answer is based on our own perspective since in the case of textbroker, it’s an online freelance work-from-home-based job. What is important here is that they’re hiring a freelancer on a contract rather than a permanent employee which means it’s not mandatory to comply with the minimum wage laws; in this case writers have complete discretion to decide whether or not to accept the job offer.

Writers are well aware of the pay scale prior to signing up, and therefore they need to make a wise decision prior to joining.Concerning accounts being deactivated, the writers have no tolerance for writing that is poor or plagiarism . If the writers have done anything wrong and their account with a text broker was deactivated, it could have been shut down.


Therefore the article Does Textbroker Have Legitimacy?provides two points of view: textbroker can help many people reach their financial goals in the short-term while some professional writers can earn up to $1,000 per month.

Many users claimed that this platform was reliable, therefore it appeared to be an official platform for freelance writers. It also assists users to realize their dreams of writing. For more detailed reviews.

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