Is Testerup a Scam The application About Testerup

This article provides details about Is Testerup an Scam and informs people who use the app in greater detail. Go through it.

Are you looking to earn a few bucks in your home while doing a few simple tasks? It’s been reported that the Testerup application is available to users from those in the United States and other countries once they finish their work.

Before you invest your time in the application, let’s figure out whether Testerup is a scam or a genuine app.

The application About Testerup

The entire business model on Testerup is a part of the Testerup website is tied to an industry for product testers which offers money to customers who try out different mobile applications. If you’re hoping to earn money at home, this is a fantastic opportunity.

But, a lot of questions have been raised from United States users regarding the functionality and authenticity that the app has. Check out the reviews as well as other information concerning this Testerup application.

Testerup Review in a consumer perspective

The majority of the reviews about the testerup application show that the site is not trustworthy since the trust score of the application is not high, and people who use it don’t appreciate the functionality of the app.

The Google Play platform, you will find a variety of reviews from people around the world who claim that the app is fraudulent and does not change its settings accordingly.

Legality Test by the Testerup

When we go to the official site for Testerup’s official website testerup App on the official website, we can discover some important details about its authenticity which can help new users determine whether or not they should put their time and effort into the application. So, let’s take an look.

  • The domain’s age for the website has been set at 2 months 7 days (20/07/2022). Thus, it is evident that the app has been available for sale recently.
  • The trust score has the score of 2%. That is sufficient to indicate that the application as well as the website aren’t suited for business.
  • Is Testerup a scam?The score for plagiarism is 87%. This means it could be a fake website or application.
  • Alexa score: 612754 globally and 54354 by country, i.e., the United States.

Is Testerup available on Google Play?

Users are able to download the app on Google Play, and if they’re iOS user, the app is available on the Apple store at no cost.

Last Thoughts

With all the data we have gathered about Testerup being a Scam It is evident that the application is a fraud and all users have been advised not to spend a second on testing the Testerup app.

Have you been a customer of Testerup? Share your thoughts with our team.

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