Is Strawfull Review {Dec} Is This Offer A Legit Or Scam!

The website has been in existence for a while, and boasts of providing legitimate services. But, Is Strawfull Legit? In the article below, you will be able to discover more information about the site.

Finding a wide range of products on the internet is easy and time-saving since large amounts of customers browse online and then purchase from them.

But, at times, using unfamiliar websites can be detrimental due to the rising number of scams. Therefore, prior to using any site you’re unfamiliar with, it is essential to conduct a thorough investigation.

Today, we’ll find out information regarding Strawfull online shop , and also determinethe following: whether Strawfull legitimate? Since it’s been in operation for a year, and has been operating within the United States. Let’s find out how reliable its trust score is.

Examining the legitimacy of Strawfull’s claim:

Check out the following aspects and find out how reliable Strawfull.

  • Domain Name: official domain name used is
  • Domain Age: The age of Strawfull is approximately one year old. The owner of the domain registered the domain on December 20, 2020.
  • Portal’s trust score is 1 percent
  • Location Verification: The Location PIN is valid, but the name of the company isn’t visible.
  • Links to Social Media: There aren’t any channels on social media.
  • Broken Links: 192 broken links are discovered.
  • Remarks Note: Unfortunately, the reviews of the Strawfull do not exist.
  • Owner Information The store is operated by the ‘Strawfull Rice LLC.’
  • Incomplete Information: Could not be found
  • The pages that have been’skipped’: more than 85 of them are “Skipped Pages.’
  • Plagiarism: The original content volume is 21 percent; the rest is piracy free of which 31 percent is totally copied, and 48 percent have similarity.
  • Payment Modes: Multiple ways.

Its age may be a bit questionable but there’s no solid, trustworthy evidence to be confident in this site. Let’s look at more

What is an Strawfull website?

Strawfull is a Strawfull website is an online departmental retailer that offers its products for sale to USA. But, Is Strawfull Legit? The site showcases various specialty products like Fashion Healthcare and Beauty, Electronics, Jewelry, Lifestyle and beddings. The categories are further divided by sub-sections to ensure that customers will not be overwhelmed and confused when shopping.

When you go through the product and features, they are well-written and include numerous photos. Additionally, the products have an acceptable amount of rebate rates to all customers. Let’s look at the policies of the company


  • Address Details: 214-Independence Ave, Dearing, KS-67340, United States.
  • Telephone Number: You can call them at +1-937-833-7139.
  • Website URL:
  • Email Address:
  • Feedback It is unclear if there exists Strawfull Review is a mystery.
  • Information about the product: Strawfull deals with Lifestyle fashion, health, fashion Electronics Beauty, Beddings, and other products as well as jewelry products.
  • The shipping cost The cost is ‘zero in the current day (13th of December, 2021) or else, the cost is disclosed when you check-out.
  • Return This policy is valid up to 45 days.
  • Shipping Timing: Incorporating any processing times, the period is between 7 and 10 working days.
  • Refunds: The timeframe is between 3 and five working days. However there are additional terms added.
  • Payment Process: You are able to pay using Visa, Apple Pay, Master Card, and Amex.
  • Is Strawfull Genuine The factual evidence do not show that it’s legitimate.
  • Cancellation: Available, but it’s not being shipped.
  • Replacement: Replacement isn’t available.

The benefits of shopping with Strawfull:

  • Strawfull’s website sells a range of unique products.
  • The discount is currently running.
  • An authentic SSL certificate is accessible.

The disadvantages of buying at Strawfull:

  • No details regarding global shipping.
  • Very poor score on trust index.
  • Reviews aren’t available.
  • There isn’t an account on social-media.
  • Customers may be disappointed since no refund is offered.
  • A number of links are deemed not clickable.
  • There isn’t an FAQ section.

Consumers’ comments on “Is Strawfull Legit?”

Strawfull presence isn’t longer than a year old. Although it’s also an extended time for establishing credibility. However, the website hasn’t made any effort to gather feedback from consumers. The feedback of consumers is a powerful source about the legality of any website but it’s not able to demonstrate this.

Furthermore, in 1 year of its existence, the website did not take any steps to connect its audience through Facebook or other social platforms (no account exists in social networks). Users should look for other trusted stores to purchase items for their lifestyle.

Final Verdict:

Is Strawfull Legit? There are some less certain information as the trust index is rather low and after a year, the number of reviews is zero. Furthermore there’s no evidence of a connection discovered with social networks. We aren’t able to determine whether the site is legitimate or not and using this website without doing a thorough investigation could be dangerous.

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