Is Safetynine Scam or Legit What is

This article focuses upon Securitynine, a scam Legit which can help you decide whether or not to invest on this website. Keep reading this blog for more information.

Would you like to purchase hoodies that feature specific message? Are you searching for it but not find the item? We have a website that sells hoodies in various styles with specific messages you can look through.

The website was created by the United States, and peoples are interested in knowing more on whether Safetynine is a scam or Legit. We will examine the positive and negative points to assess its credibility and credibility. We will look at the this article.

is Safetynine Scam is a legitimate site?

  • The website is 7 months and 12 days old , and was first launched on 7 February 2022.
  • Our analysis revealed that the site has an unfavorable rating for trust (5 percent) which results in an inadequate trust index.
  • Buyers did not receive any valid number of contact on their account to speak to the executive.
  • It is not possible to reach the store physically since we didn’t get the store’s physical address.
  • The site copies 57% of the subject content from a different website.
  • Safetynine’sstudy has discovered that the site does not include an icon for social media handlers on its homepage.
  • The shop offers 50 % off the product, which appears to be suspicious.
  • According to its official information We were unable to discover the owner’s name.
  • On the world platform it racked up 3424635 ranks on Alexa.
  • The policy’s details are explained on separate pages.

What is

The website is an online shop that is used by a variety of buyers and it is primarily focused on hoodies that come in a variety of designs like large hoodies, casual hoodies, hoodies with flowers etc. Still, it is important to be aware of whether Safetynine is a scam Or Legit.

The site offers ladies and men’s hoodies made of the finest quality fabric. The website offers a price cut on every item, so customers are able to purchase without stressing their wallets.

Specification of

  • URL of website-
  • It was created on7th February 2022.
  • It will be closed on7th February 2023.
  • Email address-
  • Address of physical locationOfficial physical address Official physical address-Not found.
  • mobile numberBuyers could not locate a mobile number that could be used to call its live representative.
  • Social media advertising pageThroughout our investigation we could not locate its the top social media sites to promote its products that asks whether it is a scam and Legit.
  • Time to ship: 12 – 20 business days, which is the time taken by the store to deliver your order.
  • Free shippingThe orders over $ 39+ will be free shipping.
  • The cost of delivery$7.95 – $7.95 and 12.95 is the shipping price per delivery method that is charged to the site.
  • Days of return policy days for return policy Returns or exchanges must be submitted in the first 12 hours after the time you received your purchase.
  • Return shipping costs-Buyers are responsible for the cost, and it’s not refundable.
  • The Refund Policy The refund will be returned to your account within 5-10 working days.
  • Policy on ExchangeThe items that are personalized cannot be exchanged because we don’t carry them in our stores.
  • Non Non returnable items- Other non-refundable items such as gift cards, gift cards, and digital images.
  • Instalment modes-Visa, Master Card, etc.

Is it a scam (or Legit be aware of its benefits-

  • The site provides a huge assortment of products for sale with a discount price.
  • The items available on the website are made of the best quality materials.
  • The site lists a variety of authentic ways to pay.
  • Buyers have the opportunity to take advantage of all the policies that are essential to the business described on the site through specific pages.

Website drawbacks Drawbacks of the website

  • We didn’t find the address for the store’s official website. the website, therefore we didn’t contact them in person.
  • The phone number is absent from the portal.
  • To be registered as an online shopping portal, you must provide its proprietor’s name, however it doesn’t have its proprietor’s name.

Focused on Safetynine Reviews-

The portal is linked to a bustling cloth industry , which specializes in Hoodies. We discovered that it does not have a webpage for the platform of social media. It is also not promoting its brand on a different promoting website. Because there is no mention of its own publicity page we did not receive a one comment from buyers.

The Final Verdict-

We’ve found out via an investigation on is Safetynine a scam or Legit that the website has low trust ratings and is not widely known for online shoppers. Check out these hoodies that are comfortable and read about Getting money back From Credit Card Scammers and be vigilant of the fraudulent website.

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