Is Pixicade Legit Or Scam Check Authentic Reviews!

This article will inform you to a site that offers an innovative and unique item for your child. We will help you with your questions regarding the legitimacy of Pixicade or not?

Are you looking to boost the imagination in your children? Today, all children are enthralled by video games. No matter if it’s they are from Australia, Canada, United StatesCanadaAustraliaor Netherlands the games are popular all over the world. What could you do with the same technique to help your child more imaginative while playing?

Yes, you read it right. The Pixicade gives you this opportunity to let your kids benefit from playing video games. But is Pixicade legitimate for your kids?

What is the extent of the Website Genuine?

The safety of your child is the most important concern for all parents. We should verify the authenticity of any store online prior to purchasing items for kids from them. The information below will show the real characteristics of Pixicade.

  • Registration Details: 18-02-2020
  • Domain age About two years
  • Contact Information: The website offers customer support via email as well as phone
  • Contact Information for Address: It isn’t any address on the site.
  • The Owner’s Information The website is controlled by a business known as BitOGenius
  • Trust Index: The site is a trusted site with a score of 60%.
  • The trust index rank is 4815.
  • Pixicade Review There are mixed reviews of its product
  • The policies: The policy details aren’t always transparent.
  • Plagiarism Content The quantity of duplicate content is not significant.
  • Payment Modalities: Variable payment options are available on the website
  • Social Activity Social Activity: The website is available on Facebook as well as Instagram

The characteristics of the website verify it as legitimate e-commerce website.


The sells one product. It’s an amazing device that turns children’s creativity into an interactive game. It’s also very simple to make use of. After you’ve imagined a game for your kid, he will need to draw it out and take a picture of it. Based on the results to Is Pixicade Legal? The device can transform into a playable game.

The device comes in two designs, and their costs are quite affordable. The website is however only accessible only in the USA.


  • Get Your Hands on the device Here:
  • Address: There isn’t a single address mentioned on the website.
  • Telephone Number 1-800-399-5065
  • Email Address:
  • Office hours Our office hours run from Monday through Friday.
  • Working hours: The work time of an office are between 8:00 am and 8 pm.
  • The Shipping Policy offers only one method of shipping that is the preferred method.
  • Pixicade reviews The product on the website has received mixed reviews.
  • Costs for shipping: $4.99 is charged as shipping charges
  • International orders: This website only offers delivery to the USA
  • Conditions for Return: This website gives 30 days to return the item
  • Return Fees: None of this is specifically mentioned in this regard.
  • Policies on Cancellation: There is no information can be found
  • exchange terms: no specifics are provided in this regard.
  • Payment options available Payments are accepted through different methods
  • Details on Refund The amount that you receive does not include handling and processing fees, that means a 100% refund cannot be provided.
  • Social Media The website includes official pages for Facebook and Instagram

Do the Pros Have enough to be able to provide a satisfactory answer? Do you believe that Pixicade is legitimate? 

  • Affordable price is available
  • 30-day return policy is in place
  • Different payment methods are available
  • The brand is well-known on social media.

Summary of Benefits

  • Details of the policy are not discussed correctly
  • Uncertain reviews are posted on the internet
  • A 100% refund isn’t feasible.

What should you look for in the Customer’s Reviews?

The website has been on the market for more than two years and over the course of duration, it’s received numerous reviews from customers. The content of these reviews are mixed. On the other hand, the official site just shows a few favorable reviews that express buyer’s satisfaction.

In our research on Does Pixicade Genuine We found on Amazon that some customers have expressed their concerns about its quality.

The mixed reviews are still present on Facebook too. However, both platforms give an overall rating of above 4 stars according to the amount of positive reviews. Click here to learn more information about Pixicade.

Final Verdict

It is evident that the site has a few inconsistencies. After analyzing all relevant facts, we can conclusively say that the answer to Do we consider Pixicade legitimate? is yes.

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