Is Petbotlex Scam {July 2022} Read A Comprehensive Review Here!

This article is about Is Petbotlex scam or genuine, provides all the information about this Petbotlex website. The customers must read this post prior to purchasing from Petbotlex.

Are Petbotlex an authentic site to shop online? What are the most important things to know prior to buying with Petbotlex? These days, many people around the world shop online because it’s an easy and easy procedure. However, it’s not always easy or secure; at times buyers get frauds. However, don’t fret about it because we’ve found the solution to your issue.

This article will provide all details about The United States Petbotlex online store. We will also discuss whether is Petbotlex Scam or legit The shop’s registration information and contact details, as well as the trustworthiness, and other details, so stay to read.

Is This Site Legit or Scam

Petbotlex claims to offer an array of items in their online store. They offer a T-shirt or jeans, chairs and numerous other items. Is this website legitimate? Can it be trusted for shopping online? Many questions come into buyers’ minds creating suspicion. However, before purchasing any product on this website the buyers are advised to verify all the information of petbotlex in this article. In order to ensure its authenticity and credibility.

Petbotlex review will give you detailed information regarding petbotlex information about the company including registration details, company information, and numerous more. To ensure that customers can recognize the legitimacy and authenticity of the company.

  • Registration for the website:16th June 2022 is the date of registration for Petbotlex that is quite modern.
  • Register:Petbotlex is registered under the name 123-Reg Limited.
  • A trust rating:the Petbotlex website is only 2 percent trust percentage, which is extremely low for people to be able to trust this website. This is a disadvantage.
  • Consumer’s review: No shoppers’ opinions or product reviews are available at all on the Petbotlex website this raises doubts about the legitimacy of petbotlex.

Keep reading this article, Is Petbotlex Scam, to find out what are the negative and positive aspects that are associated with this Petbotlex website store.

  • Social account information: Petbotlex has social media accounts, however the link isn’t working. The accounts could be fake.
  • Security of data:Petbotlex is SSL certified and provides data security to the buyer. Be aware of this.
  • Policies for customers:buyers can get all the relevant information on the official website. It gives a realistic appearance.
  • Incorrect information:customer reviews and Owner’s details are not listed in Petbotlex on-line store.

Brief Information and Is Petbotlex Scam?

The online store of Petbotlex offers many different items. Here’s a listing of the products available of this store. Petbotlex store:

  • Clothes
  • Furniture
  • Coffee maker and more

Customers can look up their products on the official website of Petbotlex.

Specifications from Petbotlex shop

  • Buy a coffee maker from
  • Number:+1 659-210-3953
  • The address information of the company:250 Palm Coast Parkway Northeast, Palm Coast, Florida 32137, United State.
  • Policy on Returns:Petbotlex on the web has a 15 days of return policy.
  • Review by the customer:Product ratings or customer reviews are not available from the Petbotlex website and this leads to the issue of is Petbotlex Scam ?
  • Payment methods:Petbotlex accepts paypal.
  • Email address:
  • Shipping policy:Shipping for all purchases is included in the price. However, custom charges must be paid for by purchaser. The order can take between 6 and 15 days to arrive at the customer.

Highlights that are positive

  • Petbotlex secures customer data via HTTPS.
  • Contact information, email addresses and information about the address of the company are all available on the Petbotlex website.

Positive highlights

  • There are no customer reviews or product ratings are posted through Petbotlex’s website. Petbotlex website.
  • The owner’s information is not visible.
  • They claim that they have accounts on social media However, the link doesn’t work. This means that the account on social media isn’t active.

Petbotlex Review

Petbotlex offers the address of the company as well as contact information and email address. However, the owner’s details are lacking customer reviews and is not accessible. Social media accounts are not in use as well. Petbotlex has only a 2 percent trust rating, which is not enough to build confidence in the buyers’ mind.

After having analyzed the entire aspects of petbotlex we can’t endorse this website to consumers. Furthermore, this website is not a good Alexa ranking.

Final Verdict

In conclusion of this article in the post Is Petbotlex Scam?, the Petbotlex online store is a fake website that was registered just recently. Additionally, Petbotlex has a poor trust rating, which clearly shows that consumers shouldn’t be able to believe in this website.

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