Is Onruueg Legit {May} Must Read A Comprehensive Review Here!

Onruueg is an online shoe-selling platform. In this article we’ve discussed the legitimacy of Onruueg. In order to make buyers aware of the website.

Are you searching for an anti-aging brand of shoes online? A number of online stores located in the United Kingdom provide many different styles of footwear. Some are, however do not have transparency and effectiveness. Therefore, consumers should be educated about the websites for shoes before making use of them.

In this article we’ll determine whether Onruueg is Legit and discuss the shoe brand Onruueg and provide the website with an assessment. For a comprehensive review of the site and its operation, check out this article.

Legitimacy of Onruueg

  • Domain Creation On the 18th of March 2022, Onruueg’s domain name was registered.
  • Webpage AgeOnruueg was in service for a month and eighteen days.
  • Website Expiry Date:The website’s domain is recognized by the store. It expires on March 18 2023.
  • Country of origin:The domain was purchased in San Mateo City, California, USA, but there is no reference to any location on the site.
  • Trustworthiness Onruueg has an average trust rating of 1% and has a poor global Alexa rating of 0. For Onruueg Review the above facts should be addressed.
  • Data Security:The information on the website has been confirmed as secured by an SSL-secured encrypted communication link. This is not, clearly the guarantee of safety.
  • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: 42/100.
  • Threat Profile:54/100.
  • Phishing Score: 54/100.
  • Malware Score:51/100.
  • Spam Score: 28/100.
  • Social relationships of the site Numerous social networks icons are integrated on Onruueg. Onruueg website. However, none work. Visitors are directed to the Onruueg website whenever they attempt to access icons for social media on the website. So, no social media presence.

Brief Check on Is Onruueg Legit

Onruueg can be described as an internet-based platform that is owned by a company selling outdoor equipment. The shop is amazing in the northwest region of Helsinki, Finland, in addition to an amazing website. The company was founded in 2004 as small shop that offered specific sporting equipment. They now have brand modern and fashionable products for everyone. The site that sells shoes offers massive discounts to its customers which is why it’s seen a rise in popularity lately.

  • Women’s Boot
  • Women’s Shoes
  • Women’s Sandals
  • Men’s Boot
  • Men’s Shoes
  • Men’s Sandals
  • Boys Boot & Shoes
  • Girls Boot & Shoes

We will learn more about Onruueg website and decide if it is Onruueg legit. To make this kind of evaluation it is necessary to look at other aspects, like characteristics, quality and customer feedback.

Features of Onruueg Site

  • Buy products at:
  • Official E-mail address:
  • Official Phone: Not Available.
  • The official URL is:The site does not offer an address, however according to the About Us page, it was established in Finland.
  • Owner’s information for the website: The proprietor of the shoe store is yet to be identified.
  • Social Media Sites: Onruueg includes links to various social media accounts. However, none are currently active. When evaluating If Onruueg is Legit ,this should be taken into consideration.
  • The policy of distribution: No information provided.
  • Privacy Policy, Terms & Conditions: Present.
  • Delivery: Orders shipped within 15-25 days.
  • Tracking of goods: Tracking details sent within 48 hours.
  • Returns and Cancellations: Provides a 30-day complete money-back assurance. A cancellation fee of 25% is per transaction.
  • Return: Issues refund within 4 business weeks.
  • Payment mode Only will accept PayPal & Credit Card Express.

Positive Highlights

  • Has a 30 day full-money return policy of 30 days full money return.

Negative Highlight

  • Charges 25% cancellation fee.
  • Only accept PayPal & Credit Card Express payment.
  • A longer period of refund that is 4 weeks.
  • No delivery fee mentioned.

Customer Review

The website has a few Onruueg reviews from users, however we aren’t sure if they’re true. Additionally, the website has no reviews online or mentions.

The site doesn’t include any reviews from social media nor any Alexa ranking. We also suggest taking a look at the subject of Credit Card Frauds since the website accepts only PayPal or Credit Card Express.

Final Verdict

The Onruueg website is a possible scam that has a low trust score and a high-risk profile. It doesn’t even provide any social media reviews nor do they have links. Therefore, the best recommendation is to stay clear of it. Find out more about Boots here. Beware of PayPal Scams is necessary since websites like this use the method to steal funds.

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