Is Infinity Diamond Jewellery Legit {Aug} Check The All Details To Be Safe!

Scroll down the article if you want to know more details about and find out whether it Is Infinity Diamond Jewellery Legit.

Do you like wearing jewellery? Particularly when it’s made of precious metals, or stones like diamonds, gold, or various other precious stones. Jewellery is an essential part of women’s lives and, if it’s an upcoming bride, it’s difficult to choose an ideal piece of jewellery. Infinity Diamond jewellery is an online platform that lets you get any type of jewellery for the lowest price.

The store’s online location is on The United Kingdom.This article will review the luxury jewelry brand that is available online and will also discuss whether Infinity Diamond Jewellery is legitimate or not. or not. Learn more to gain a better understanding.

Is a legit online portal?

  • The date of registration for the website is on 6th August 2020. This means that the website has been operational for more than two years.
  • The website will expire on 6 August 2022.
  • A score of 68% for trust is an average score.
  • The whois-paid services conceal the identity of the owner.
  • However, the trust index of the website is 100 percent.
  • Although it has a high point and trust score, their popular rating given to an online retailer is lower which is 1489683.
  • Infinity Diamond Jewellery Reviews Infinity Diamond Jewellery Reviewsare extremely rare on other review websites.
  • The connection to HTTP is in place.
  • The threat profile for the threat is three out of 100 and the score for phishing is 3.100.
  • The Malware score is also 3/10 however, the spam score is null.
  • The score for the proximity of suspicious websites is 7 out 100.
  • is not found as the blacklisted site by any search engines for blacklisting.
  • There are no social media handles visible on the website This isn’t an ideal sign.

When you have a look at the facts above it becomes much easier to resolve the concern of Is the Infinity Diamond Jewellery Genuine ? However there are many other details as well as pros and cons need to be confirmed.

Know all about the online store:

The store is part of the retailing sector of the e-commerce market. They have the most beautiful and top-quality rose gold white gold, yellow gold platinum moissanite diamonds as well as other precious stones and gems. A few of the jewellery pieces are shown below –

  • Engagement rings
  • Necklaces
  • Wedding rings
  • Earrings
  • Precious gemstones, rings etc.

Information specific to the web site

  • Website link-
  • Contact information Contact details for –Unfortunately the contact information is provided on the official website and this raises questions regarding the validity of the company. Infinity Diamond Jewellery is Legal or not.or not.
  • Website registered name-
  • Email ID –
  • Address – 71-75 Shelton Street, London, Covent Garden, WC2H 9JQ, U.K.
  • Delivery PolicyThe maximum period for delivery of products is between 7 and 10 days.
  • Free shipping Free Shipping This feature is only available for some jewelry.
  • Payment options There are a variety of payment options to choose from. include Amex, Apple pay, Google Pay, Discover, Visa, PayPal and other credit and debit cards.
  • Return and Refund Policy Refund and Return PolicyA return policy that lasts 30 days is offered and a refund is available when it is due.
  • Warranty Warranty 12 months of warranty is offered on jewellery made of moissanite.

Benefits of the site to decide if Is The Infinity Diamond Jewellery Legit Or not!

  • HTTP connection to secure the data of the website is in place.
  • The site isn’t listed because it is blacklisted.
  • The jewelry offered is high-end and distinctive in design.
  • Reviews are available on the internet site.
  • Indexes and trust scores of the portal’s online presence are excellent.

The disadvantages of the site

  • The details of the person who owns the website are not available.
  • The number of the store’s contact to answer the customer’s question isn’t listed.

After conducting a thorough analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the website It is important to read other reviews on the site for the most precise conclusion.

What are Infinity Diamond Jewellery Reviews ?

Reviews can be the difference between sustaining or destroying the reputation of any company. If the reviews are good the customers will be able to make purchases from it, but when it’s not it affects the business’s reputation, online or off.

For, very few of them are found on the other platforms. This is why there aren’t any reviews posted on the official website. Additionally, you should be protected from fraudsters using credit cards.

End of the line

These facts prove that the life expectancy is high and significant indexes that prove that the website is trustworthy and safe. Therefore, we can answer the question of whether or not, is Infinity Diamond Jewellery legitimate? Yes, it is. It is possible to shop here, after confirming the essential information.

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