Is Green Pullover Legit Official Information About Green Pullover:

Is it a green pullover? Legit has addressed the majority of the aspects of an online shop selling food items for pets and kitchen appliances.

Have you discovered an online shop called green pullover, while shopping for food and pet products? Are you looking to find the actual details of the site to ensure a better shopping experience? The green pullover advertises itself as a cooking product site for those from the United States, pets are the most popular items sold through it.

It houses a large collection of pet-related items , such as food and books for training your pet that are distributed across 4000 pages of product pages. Is Green Pullover Legal? has conducted an independent analysis of the website and revealed details for retail customers who shop online.

Official Information about the Green Pullover Site:

Customers looking for authentic information on this site will find this section of the review fascinating and instructive. It also allows them to assess the legitimacy of the shop as factors such as customer reviews site age, trust rating are addressed in this section of the review.

  1. The green pullover is a month old site that was launched on June 18, 2022.
  2. The website has an Alexa rank of 1561994, which is a low rank for the site in terms of popularity.
  3. Green Pullover Reviews team discovered the trust index of the site to be 47.6 percent, which is a low score for a genuine platform.
  4. The domain expires on the 18th of June in 2023.
  5. Social media profiles of this store , for the majority of sites, is not present, but we did find an Pinterest image on the home page of the website.
  6. The address of the company for the store is listed on the homepage, however, we haven’t been able to confirm it using Google Maps.
  7. The review of a customer for this shop is not available.
  8. We couldn’t find the owner’s information on their website.
  9. The content of this site is incredibly copied and lacking distinctiveness.
  10. Is Green Pullover Legit? the trust score of this website is 1%, which causes concerns about its credibility.

The Green Pullover, Com Store:

Green Pullover as a domain was registered a month ago, to help the retail sector online. It has developed more than 4000 pages of product information to meet the demands of the pet food industry. While it’s a page about us, they describes it as the most convenient location for kitchen appliances, but the majority of pet-related products are available on the website.

The site also promises to offer the product at a reasonable price, which highlights its efforts to offer the product at lower prices. Is this a green pullover? Legit The list of items that are available on this retailer platform is listed below.

  • Pet books for training
  • Supplementary pet food
  • Kitchen products
  • Cages for pets

Green Pullover Web Site Features General:

  • The domain’s name is
  • The website address is
  • Email –
  • Address of the company – 617E 79th St, Los Angeles, CA 90001, the United States
  • Contact number – +1 304 746
  • Shipping times are between 10 and 15 in the normal season.
  • Returns are accepted for 90 days on unopened products.
  • PayPal to pay online.
  • The time for refunds lasts 15 days.

Are Green Pullover a Legitimate Positive to the website?

  • A majority of the items that are related to pets are offered through a single website.
  • A delivery duration of just 15 days can be an efficient time to deliver.
  • Contact numbers and email addresses are provided to answer customer’s questions.
  • The product is offered at a the lowest cost.

negatives Pullover the Com Portal

  • Trust score as well as index ratings of this website are both low.
  • Customer reviews are not read on this site.
  • The owner’s contact information is not available from the website.
  • It has an unfavorable Alexa rating.

Green Pullover Reviews for this Portal:

Since the site was launched only a month back, there aren’t many specifics about it within the world of digital. Many legitimate sites have awarded low scores to the green pullovers, and customers’ reviews for the products that are offered on it aren’t available on the public review sites.

We were unable to locate any customer reviews on the product details page of the company , indicating lack of an internal review process for this green pullover.


Is Green Pullover a legitimate website? has gone over all legitimate factors such as Alexa rank,store age, and feedback from customers for the website of the green pullover and discovered it to be suspicious. Wetherefore advise consumers to be cautious when working with this site. Have you bought pet food from the green pullover shop? Do you have any feedback? Please post it in the comments section.

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