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We give you the complete facts needed to help you decide is Goldluckies legit? Read this post on to find out whether it’s a legitimate site.

Thanks to the advances in technology, we are able to find unique products on the internet. These products aren’t sold in local stores because they could be an added-on item for home improvement. But, did you realize that new websites are being created with a catalog of these products that they will be able to sell them both in both the United Kingdom and the United States? is a brand new website that offers exclusive tools. But, before purchasing from take a look at this article to find out is Goldluckies a legitimate business?

Is Legitimate?

  • The date of creation 24th November 2021, 12:15:49.
  • Expiry Date: 24th Nov 2022 1215:49pm.
  • Age: 1 month and 6 days old.
  • Trust Index: has been given a low trust score of 11 percent.
  • Alexa rating: did not achieve any Alexa score because it was rated zero on Alexa.
  • Where it came from: originates from China and does not host any sites that are fraudulent.
  • The status of blacklisting None of the blacklisting engines have blacklisted
  • Suspicious Websites Proximity: scored 47/100 as a suspicion score. This is not a positive highlight.
  • Goldluckies Review of Threat Profile score of 96/100 Negative highlight.
  • score for Phishing: a Negative highlight since received a score of 30/100.
  • score for malware: a negative highlight as scored an average of 96/100.
  • Spam Score A low-grade highlight, because got 18/100.
  • Connection utilizes HTTPS as a protocol.
  • Contact did not mention any specific contact person’s name.
  • Social media: does not display on social media sites.
  • Contact of the owner:  owner’s contact information on is listed.

Brief: sells home-based accessories on the internet. In total, features 37 products. The site claims that it offers custom collections to suit every kind of profession, hobby, and sport. However, according to Are Goldluckies legitimate? information, the website’s content originated from brand-name website The most popular items that are available on include:

  • The Water Tap Extender Two in One
  • Snow-Scraper Magic Funnel
  • Magic Brush Window-Cleaner


  • Buy home add-on items at:
  • Social Media Links Included in, it directs users to the home page of social media websites.
  • Pricing: starts from $7.98.
  • E-store address: Hymax Company,#344-354 Gray’s Inn Rd, London, Greater London England WC1X-8BP.
  • The Terms and Condition: In the article on The content is taken from various websites.
  • customer reviews and Blogs: Customer feedback and ratings are in place, but blogging isn’t supported.
  • Privacy Policy: Mentioned on The content is ripped from a variety of websites.
  • Phone number for contact is +(44)20-8123-3186.
  • Locator of Store: Are Goldluckies legitimate? legitimate?data Finding that no physical store is found for
  • Deliveries: The delivery timeline was not specified for home add-ons.
  • ships to more than 130 countries with two days. The cost of shipping varies based on the shipping method that is preferred.
  • Tracing is possible by using the tracking code or the email from
  • The Return policy is: The purchaser must pay for return shipping costs. There is a 14-day return policy.
  • Returns Refunds will process within couple of days if the returns you have made qualify to be refunded. Is Goldluckies legitimate? Goldluckies Legit?data confirms that an email notice will be sent out regarding the refund.
  • Email address:
  • Mode of Payment: The payments are taken from all major credit cards and PayPal accounts in EUR,USD,GBP,AUD,CAD,DZD,IDR,BRL,JPY,MXN,MYR,NZD,RUB,PHP,SAR,THB,SGD,AED,TWD,VND and MOP.
  • Newsletters does not offer newsletters.
  • Owner’s information: The owner of employs a method to conceal their identity.


  • Free shipping is offered by on purchases of $39.00
  • Discounts, free products and huge savings when purchasing more quantities
  • Complete item specifications including video demonstrations, item specifications and illustrations are available on


  • The physical address of is a fake
  • The interface is unfriendly for with bad results in search results, with no sorting or filtering criteria

Customer Goldluckies Comments :

Two of the reviews posted on YouTube provide evidence of as a possible fraud. Three websites that review the site also indicate that may be a fraud.

All customer reviews and product reviews published at have been positive, and are above 7/10 stars. Thus, the reviews posted on aren’t reliable and may be fabricated.

There were no reviews, feedback, and ratings were discovered on on the web and social media.

Conclusion: does not appear to be a genuine website since its content is copied from multiple websites. received a poor trust-grade and a Zero Score in Alexa. It has the answer Do you think Goldluckies legitimate? is a newly launched website that has been registered for a year. isn’t secure because of its high-profile threat.

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