Is Glamtales Legit (Dec) Check The Reliable Website Reviews!

Is Glamtales Legit
Is Glamtales Legit

In this review we’ve looked at the benefits including advantages and disadvantages, as well as the site information and reviews from customers to find out if Glamtales is legitimate and if it is not.

Just a few more days for 2022. The world is preparing for New Year’s Eve parties and celebrations to mark the start of the new year. However, the New Year isn’t complete without a glamorous look at fantastic celebrations. Therefore, stores like Glamtales have amazing bags and accessories that can jazz up your New Year outfits in India and the United States and India.

We suggest that customers read this review about is Glamtales Legal before purchasing bags or other items from the shop.

Legality of Glamtales:

  • Domain Creation The Glamtales domain for the site was registered on the 25th of August, 2021.
  • website age: This online shop is just 4 months five days old. This indicates that the site is still relatively new and therefore cannot be trusted completely.
  • Website Expiry Date: The expiry date for the domain of Glamtales will be 25th August 2022. This means that the website has an extremely short life span for its domain which is why we are skeptical about its legitimacy.
  • Trustworthiness The trust score of Glamtales is 11% and the Alexa Rank is zero. This is a requirement to be included when writing Glamtales Reviews.
  • Country of Origin: The country of origin of the shopping site online is hidden.
  • The proximity towards Suspicious Web Sites 27/100.
  • Data Security: The online store is a legitimate HTTPS connectivity protocol however it doesn’t offer the best protection against data theft.
  • threat profile: 87/100. So the shopping website has a high risk profile.
  • score for Phishing: 43/100.
  • Security Score for Malware: 49/100.
  • SPAM Score 87/100. The site’s score on spam is extremely high.
  • Social media The Glamtales site is not a Social media accounts. There aren’t any account on social networks on any sites for social media.

A quick review on Are Glamtales legitimate? :

Glamtales offers an internet-based shop offering stylish bags that have contemporary design. According to the site the majority of Glamtales products are a reflection of the company’s belief in traditional craftsmanship is the most effective method to bring contemporary design to the world of. While the site is primarily focused on bags, it also has other items listed.

Product The range of Glamtales:

  • Bags
  • Toys
  • Indoor & Outdoor Chairs
  • Massage Chairs
  • Music Instruments
  • Pet items
  • Electronics
  • Cookware
  • Other items

We’re not too sure about the Glamtales website. The site states they sell bags however, a myriad of other items are listed as well. We should not rush into any conclusions before deciding the legitimacy of Glamtales as well. In order to determine this we will look at its features, highlights, and reviews.

Glamtales Features:

  • Buy products at:
  • E-mail address:
  • Address There was no address located that is connected to Glamtales, the web-based shopping site Glamtales.
  • Contact details: +1 (315) 504-5826
  • Owner’s Owner’s Details: The online shopping owner’s details for the site are in secret.
  • Social media hyperlinks: The Glamtales site has no social media accounts connected to it. Social media is a crucial aspect for every business and plays a significant role in determining the legitimacy of a business. This is a crucial aspect to consider when finding out the legitimacy of Glamtales. 
  • Privacy Policies and Terms Terms and privacy policy are stated, but copied.
  • Delivery: The shopping site offers worldwide shipping for 7-15 days.
  • delivery policy: The Online store provides free shipping on all orders over $60.
  • Product tracking: The tracking link is sent via an email.
  • Cancellation and Returns The Glamtales site comes with 30 days return/exchange policies and there is no cancellation policy.
  • Return: Glamtales can initiate the refund in 72 hours of receiving the returned.
  • Payment method: Only accept PayPal.

Positive Highlights

  • Modern and stylish products.
  • 30 days return and refund policy.

Negative Highlights

  • Only one payment option.
  • While the site is focused on bags but only six bags are included.

Customer Review

There are a few online Glamtales reviews online. However, these reviews label the site as being suspicious. Additionally, we could not locate any customer reviews as well as product review on the Glamtales website.

There are none of the social media sites mentioned or reviews. We did find one YouTube review which said the site was possibly a fraud.

Final Verdict

The Glamtales website could be a possible fraud. The reason is that there is no social media presence or customer reviews. Additionally, the website is not a high-trust site and is still relatively new. If you’re interested in more information about bags, you can check out the Wikipedia webpage.

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