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The guide provides details to assist Our Father’s streamers in understanding Is Dr Cline Still Living or dead.

Dr. Cline is Still Alive! – Find Out Here!

Did you watch the Netflix documentary Our Father? The documentary is about Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility specialist from Indianapolis. Fans were curious to find out if Dr. Donald Cline, a fertility doctor from Indianapolis, is still alive. Netflix users have streamed the documentary in both the United States as well as the United Kingdom. All viewers want to know Does Dr Cline Still Live.

Is Dr. Donald Cline Still Alive?

Indiana is the first state to declare it a crime for fertility doctors not to obtain consent from patients to perform activities for their patients. It was first announced in 2019. Lucie Jourdan was the documentary director and confirmed that Dr. Cline is alive and well.

The exact location of Dr. Cline remains unknown. He is currently living in the 1980s and is keeping a low profile since the scandal involving the fertility. One of his patients performed a DNA test to discover that she had more than one half-sibling.

Did Dr. Cline Go to Jail ?

According to sources, it is unclear where Dr. Donald was held in the Indiana trial of December 2017. For obstructing justice, Dr. Cline was fined $500 because he had not violated the criminal law of Indiana.

The doctor was then denied his medical license. The board decided to ban him from practicing medicine in the future after he was convicted in two criminal cases of hindering the investigation. He was found guilty of obstruction of the investigation. Dr Cline Fertility Doc was finally sentenced to a one-year suspended sentence before his medical license was cancelled.

Where is Donald Dr. Cline?

Although Dr. Cline’s location is not known, he was confirmed by the documentary’s Director in an interview. He stated that he was 80 years old recently and that he is still living. He is still considered to be alive because there is no news of his death. The director is not sure where he is now or what he’s doing after the cancellation of his medical licensees.

Furthermore, no online source can confirm the Dr Donald Cline Obituary , and thus he is still living and keeping a low profile following the revelations about the fertility scandal. Dr. Cline is married to Susie Cline and has two children. Dr. Cline received gynecological treatments from Dr. Cline. His children’s names are Doug and Donna.


Dr. Cline Donald, a fertility doctor in Indianapolis, was the subject of a Netflix documentary called “Our Father.” It was released on Netflix 11 May 2022. Cline Donald was the doctor responsible for a 2017 fertility scandal.

Many viewers started to search for Dr. Donald Cline after watching the documentary. He was confirmed by the documentary director.

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