Is Chris Licht Fired From CNN: Where Is Cheis Licht Now?

Is Chris Licht Fired From CNN? Christopher Andrew Licht is an American television newscaster and producer.

He is best known for his roles as Executive producer, showrunner and Senior Vice President of Special Programming at CBS.

It is also credited that he was the one who started MSNBC’s Morning Joe, and revived CBS This Morning. He was CNN’s Chairman and CEO between May 2022 and June 2023.

Licht began his career at KNBC Los Angeles during the O.J. He began his career at KNBC in Los Angeles during the O.J. He was also a collaborator with regional NBC in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Chris was the first Executive Producer of Scarborough Country when he joined MSNBC.

Joe Scarborough and Chris Licht worked together to create the show before its debut in 2007. Continue reading to find out the latest Chris Licht news.

Is Chris Licht Fired From CNN?

Is Chris Licht Fired From CNN? Chris Licht, CNN’s controversial Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, resigned after a short and contentious stint as the head of the network.

Puck News reported Licht’s departure early on Wednesday morning.

According to CNN, shortly after Licht’s brief one-year stint at the network was marred by a series serious missteps, the news website reported that he would be leaving the company.

David Zaslav (CEO of Warner Bros Discovery), informed the staff during the opening editorial call of the daily that “I had met Chris and he would be leaving CNN,” as reported by CNN. The company also stated that “Licht did not comment on his departure or respond immediately to requests for comments.”

Zaslav, in an email sent to his colleagues and obtained by Reuters, announced that the company would be conducting a thorough search to find a new CEO.

Zaslav stated that “this job was not going to be an easy one, especially in times of great disruption and change, but Chris put his heart and soul” into it.

Controversy And Scandal Of Chris Licht

Chris Licht expressed regret on Monday to his staff, saying that he “should not be in news.” This was in response to an article in a magazine that has fuelled rumors about him being removed from the position of CNN’s CEO.

After The Atlantic published an article detailing how Licht alienated his team with his paranoid and distant management style, and his criticisms of former network president Jeff Zucker, Licht expressed his regrets to his team on Monday.

Licht said in an editorial meeting: “I know that these last few days were tough for this group.” He was trying to quell simmering resentment within the ranks of the cable network.

Former CNN anchor Brian Stelter tweeted about his comments.

Personal Life Details Of Chris Licht

On April 28, 2010, Licht suffered a brain haemorrhage in Washington, D.C., which was dangerously near to death.


After surviving an aneurysm in the 1990s, then-vice president Joe Biden called Dr. Vivek Dashmukh of Licht, a highly respected neurosurgeon. He asked for his help.

In 2017, Licht, Jenny Blanco and their sons lived in Manhattan.

Blanco was a producer at CNN for Anderson Cooper before becoming director of talent acquisition.

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