Inverter Batteries: How Should You Choose the Right One for Your Home?

Are you not really in a position to deal with the severe weather and manifold power cuts in your area? It is then time to purchase an inverter as well as inverter battery that is good, productive and durable for tension -free summers.

Speaking of an inverter battery for home, it is a crucial part of an inverter. Your inverter is going to be as good as its battery. Make sure that you invest in a good and effective battery, or the inverter will give up soon.

Check the power requirement you have at home

The prime thing you should understand before purchasing an inverter battery for your home is your power requirement. There are two crucial factors determine your power backup need, on the basis of which you should decide what volume of the battery is apt for your need.

Duration of constant power backup

It means on an average, how long there is going to be no electricity at your home or that of even office (an hour, five hours OR simply twenty minutes? You need to keep the constant duration in mind.

Duration of constant power backup

Then you need to keep in mind on an average, how long there is no sort of electricity at your home or even office (an hour, six hours OR simply twenty minutes).

Therefore, you can easily decide the ampere-hour (Ah) rating of the specific inverter battery for your buying. Make sure that the inverter battery’s volume differs with the above two aspects, the load and even the duration of power backup. The more is the load and that of more is the duration of power backup, higher is going to be the battery capacity.

Flat plate battery

These are the inverter batteries that are lead-acid batteries and good or recommended for zones having low duration but recurrent power cuts.

Why should you pick a Flat plate battery?

Flat plate batteries are suggested or advised for areas having minimal and recurrent power cuts. These batteries are inexpensive, somewhat light on the pocket but have a petite life span than tubular inverter batteries. These are one of the finest inverter batteries having a faster rate of charging and need lesser time to simply charge. It mostly comes with a short warranty time than that of tubular batteries.

Tubular Battery

Talking about a tubular battery, it is a lead-acid battery that is mostly huge in size once compared to a flat plate battery. These finest inverter batteries are apt for zones having long and fewer power cuts such as a tier tow or tier three city or even that of city outskirts.

Should you go for a Tubular battery?

Tubular batteries are perfect fitted for long power backup requirements and have a lengthier service life. These batteries need minimum effort to upkeep and require fewer water top-ups. These are more dependable and usually come with a lengthier warranty period if you compare it to a flat plate battery. A tubular battery is going to be little pricier and even takes more space to store than that of a flat plate battery.


So, whether inverter batteries or solar panel or anything else; you need to be thoughtful about what you need for your home. Of course, you can get the premium products in the realm of Loom Solar. It is a start-up, a manufacturer of solar panels as well as lithium batteries. The company is an ISO 9001 – 2015 certified and a recognized start up by Government of India. 

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