Interior Design Trends – 2022 Is Unlike The Previous Years

A lot has already happened this year- especially in the interior designing world. Trends have changed, new classics have been established and the entire thought process behind the designing industry and its clients is moving from aesthetics to sustainability. This has, in every sense, impacted the interior designing trends and designs for this season (and we are guessing they are here to stay a while!) We suggest you gear up for these trends and are ready to include them in your next project- for we are moving away from microtrends this year- and going for designs that make us happy (hopefully, for a long time).

Layers of Texture

Minimalism had its moment with bare walls and barely-there décor (that often made us depressed). However, this year is all about maximalism, textures and comfort. In fact, according to Caroline Brackett, anything that is cosy will make its way into the design world this year. And this is no surprise as layers are everywhere in the fashion world right now- and we know interior design often finds its inspiration in fashion.

Curved Lines

Minimalism had, for years, popularised interior design trends with sharp, clean lines, functionality over comfort and balance. However, with the need for comfort more than ever, curved lines are gaining popularity. Not only do they look artistic, but they also reject the minimalist movement (which is also popular for its classism- something we do not want this year!) This has manifested into everything- from curved furniture to curved roofs and mouldings! The reason this kind of style has manifested into such popularity is, once again, connected to nature. Nature rarely contains straight and sharp lines and has more curves. With the need for comfortable and personal living increasing- and houses becoming homes- the comfort offered by curved lines- furniture or otherwise, has increased. To incorporate the curved designs, you can opt for curved couches or round beds. If you would like to add the comfort of curves to your walls, go for arched ceilings, mouldings and soft curves in tables/chairs.

Nature-inspired- everything! 

Yes, that is right- we are including everything nature inspired! From wallpapers to colours to materials used, this year is heavily inspired by nature and natural beauty. This is to be expected since we have been stuck in our houses for over 2 years now and connecting with nature has become important to us. Think of forest greens, wildflower patterns and new aesthetics like cottage core- all of which signify a deeper connection to our surroundings. There are two major trends inspired by nature that is going to be big this season- Biophilic and cottage core designs

Biophilic design is all about bringing the outside in. The word ‘biophilic’ means ‘love of nature and this design style is all about displaying this love. The design was first discovered in 1984 by Edward O Wilson, who talked about the benefits of being in close contact with nature. He proved that nature affects the way humans behave and recover. In his purely evidence-based research, he argued that plants and natural elements help in healing humans (mentally and physically). In the design world, especially after the extremely traumatic pandemic, biophilic design is seen as a step forward to include elements of nature that make us happy. This involves a lot of house plants, the use of organic material (like terracotta) and a fusion of modern design with natural elements (nature-inspired wallpapers). 

The second big trend is cottage core. And it is exactly how it sounds- living in a cottage, surrounded by bug fields of grass (or forest, if that’s your vibe) and making fresh produce every day! With the social media platform TikTok making this trend big, cottage core is the style to go this season. It shares a lot of common elements with biophilic design (plants and organic material) but adds its touch by including soft colours and décor items (light pinks and yellows, mostly). 

Mixing Vintage and New

Sustainability has been the talk for a few years now. However, only recently has it made its way into our homes via interior design trends. With more people being cautious of how they are affecting the environment, thrifting, and reusing (or upcycling) furniture and décor items is becoming popular. This has led to the mixing of vintage and new materials and furnishings to provide a very distinct kind of design (and we are guessing it is here to stay!). Apart from sustainability, the artisanship of vintage pieces is also considered to be better than the machine-made pieces in the market. The low cost of thrifting vintage has also played a huge role in them becoming popular. This means you can now get your television wall mounted on top of that vintage fireplace (we know some of the best wall mounters! Just click here for professional help)

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