Ikonikfn.Com {February} Check The Pros & Cons, Legitimacy Details!


Find out more the details about Ikonikfn.com, which offers the latest and current game codes for a variety of platforms and games like Frontline, PSP, etc.

Ikonikfn is a website that was launched on January 2nd, 2022 World-wide. Have you heard that, after one month and nineteenteen days after its debut, Ikonikfn failed to achieve an acceptable Trust Index, standing at an unsatisfactory 2 percent? Alexa score for Ikonikfn also was low, at 7,100,199.

Ikonikfn provides gaming codes that can be used for Frontline, 13.5K V-Bucks, Bhrangra Boogie Galaxy, Black Knight, PlayStation, and more. Ikonikfn provides users with free accounts to play these games. Let’s verify whether the legitimacy of Ikonikfn.combelow.

More About Ikonikfn:

To offer code, Ikonikfn directs users to linkvertise.com website. linkvertise.com was established from Germany three years two months and ten days ago with an average trust score of 61%.

linkvertise.com also earned an impressive Alexa rating of 5,224. Additional analysis showed that the website isn’t as suspect.

Ikonikfn has not defined its policies or conditions. Ikonikfn doesn’t publish periodic newsletters in order to keep their subscribers up-to-date. The only thing that was included is one YouTube link was made available on Ikonikfn. However, the Tik-Tok URL was not available.

The details about the owner as well as their contact information is blocked. Ikonikfn doesn’t provide any customer support contact number, WhatsApp telephone number (or) email address.

The pros from Ikonikfn.com:

In analyzing the positives We found that Ikonikfn has a low likelihood profile and has a zero threat score malware, phishing, Malware, as well as spam scores.

The Ikonikfn also has an active social media presence on YouTube along with Tic-Tok. The YouTube channel of the company is listed as @YUX. It is and is followed by over 55.7K users.

The channel on YouTube was created to become a content creator in Fortnite, from an unidentified location within the United States.

@YUX received 213,063 views for its playlist since it began on the 19th of June, 2021. Further examinations of Ikonikfn found the fact that Wix.Com Ltd registered it.

The Ikonikfn.com YouTube channel also promotes the link to Wix.com pages (https://versace2020max.wixsite.com/glitchv2) by providing various game codes specifically for Frontline.


Ikonikfn is not able to provide any codes of its own. Instead, Ikonikfn takes the services of linkvertise.com and versace2020max.wixsite.com web pages to provide various stands and codes for several games.

Versace2020max.wixsite.com is a web page that is hosted on wixsite.com. This is why its rating is based on the information for wixsite.com instead of the specific pages for versace2020max.

AlienVault is a Malware detector, was able to detect linkvertise.com for different Malware. Malware is a mini-app that can be installed on mobile devices without consent of the user to hack or destroy the device’s data.

Ikonikfn.com Reviews:

In the three reviews of the website two of them said that Ikonikfn could be fraudulent, while one reviews suggested it was possibly secure.

Three YouTube reviews also suggest Ikonikfn could be a fraud. A few reviewers’ comments on Quora.com are unavailable.

There were no reviews to be found on the internet.


We don’t recommend Ikonikfn if it has a poor trust as well as the Alexa rank. The domain expires in the period of ten months and eleven days. Ikonikfn also provides hyperlinks to other domains, like linkvertise.com to obtain game codes. These codes could allow you to install Malware onto your device and threaten your data’s security. These codes aren’t authorized from gaming firms.

Are you able to find the Ikonikfn.com reviews informative? Comment below in this article about Ikonikfn.

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