How to Use the Star Map Like a Pro in Star Citizen

After many unsuccessful tries, space game industry developers haven’t lost hope and are still trying to take things to a whole new level to make the genre popular. Star Citizen has been in the development phase since 2012, and the current version clearly shows that it still needs more development.

As the year 2022 started, the developers of Star Citizen released many updates to the game to make it more playable, but there are some bugs. The Map is the biggest reason why players are still opting to play the Star Citizen instead of other popular games. Using the Map to its limit requires some extensive knowledge, but this article will help you to use the Star map like a pro.

Learn about the scale of the Map

Learning only about the scale of the Map will give you an idea about how extensive the Map of the game exactly is. Players always raise the question of why the game took so many years for development, and it has ended yet. Just the Map of the game is so big that it requires some good development skills and commitment. You can view the model of the current solar system from the Navigation mode.

It shows all the planets in the system along with their relevant moons. The radius of the Stanton solar system only is equal to the orbital distance of Mercury. In simple terms, this equals around six quadrillion square kilometers of simulated space, which is quite a big leap for any space simulation game, and this is just one solar system. 

To support this, the engine uses 64-bit primitive types to represent objects in 3D space. It isn’t the real extent of the game as it is in the development phase and will remain there for many years to come. When the game fully releases, there will be a hundred plus systems to explore, all on this massive scale.

Set Routes

To set the route in Star Citizen, you need to be on the pilot seat of the spaceship. Routes help you reach somewhere quickly because you don’t forget the way. There is no other way to set a route if you can’t be in the driver’s seat. Sometimes, there are some bugs and glitches in the routing system but don’t worry about them as the game is still in the development phase. If a bug appears, wait for some time to try setting the route again. When you create a route with a star map, it automatically hides everything around you to cause fewer distractions. They will stay hidden until you clear the route manually or reach your destination.

Choose the right Map type

As mentioned above, the Star Citizen space simulation game is quite big in terms of Map as it features various map types to help you explore the vast universe. You will need some time to learn more about these maps and how they work, but they are helpful in every way possible. While similar games offer a single map for everything, Star Citizen features a different map for something, and below are some of those maps.

  • Station Map
  • Solar System Map
  • Hub Map
  • Lorville Transit System Map
  • New Babbage Transit Map

Navigate to Save time and fuel

The vast universe of Star Citizen is spread across quadrillions of miles, and you can’t reach from point A to point B without the perfect plan. The Map shows how much fuel you have in your ship and how much fuel you need to complete the journey. Fuel comes with a price in Star Citizen, but you can buy Star Citizen Auec for fuel and compete for your trip. Along with the fuel, you also need quantum points for the current trip, and the navigation section shows all these requirements at a glance. No matter where your fuel ends, you have to return back and refuel your ship before continuing ahead.

Learn navigation Controls

Who wants to scroll through those long menus to get to the desired menu? Literally, nobody and keys are the only way to save you from all that extra effort. To get into the quantum drive menu, you can press the “E” key from your keyboard, and the interface will open up in front of you. The quantum drive menu features detailed information about what is around the space ship including points of interest to help you focus on the right things.

When you are hundreds of thousands of miles above any planet, no visual approach is possible, so quantum drive helps you in searching for nearby landing points. You can press the “F2” key to bring the skyline app, which is also known as the Star Map, into the game. It shows information about the current solar system. Press the left mouse button and drag the cursor in the desired direction to move the Star map in the desired direction. While the above method changes the direction of the star map, you can hold the right mouse button and drag it to move the whole star map in any direction.

Move the mouse wheel upwards to zoom in to the star map or move the mouse wheel downwards to zoom out of it. To make this work perfectly fine, you need to bring the cursor to a planet or a star and then start zooming in. If you have zoomed in too much on the star map and now want to view the full Map, press the right mouse button twice to reset the Map rather than doing it manually.

Double click the left mouse button to focus on the desired object and can continue to do so until the map limit is reached. As you zoom in on an object in the space, points of interest start to appear. The Map indicates your current position in the space with a green triangle. If you have already tried everything but still can’t reach the end of the universe, maybe it is time to change your ship by placing the order for your favorite ship on MMOPIXEL.COM.

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