How to Obtain the PMP Certificate

First of all, we must first understand PMP, PMI, PMI China, project management vocational qualification certification (referred to as SAFEA), training institutions to make a simple understanding.

PMP refers to the qualification of project management professionals. It is initiated by the Project Management Institute (PMI) and is a high-quality qualification exam that rigorously evaluates the knowledge and skills of project managers.

PMI Chinese is the Project Management Institute, the project management professional body of the world’s leading non-profit membership association, founded in 1969 with more than 1 million members and certificate holders in 190 countries around the world (2019 data).

PMI China and THE BUREAU of Foreign Communications are domestic authorized training institutions, Chinese registration and payment, notifications, etc.

Training institutions: You need to obtain PMI China authorization (R.E.P) or project management professional qualification certification authorization before you can formally train.

How to obtain the PMP certificate Shop here, I will introduce it in several steps:

  1. Find a training institution authorized by PMI or authorized by the Bureau of Foreign Communications, select the training institution, and see if the institution will help the English agent to register and Chinese (such as the Chinese in June 2021, the application can only be reported by the training institution).
  2. You need to register in English (PMI official), register and fill in the basic personal information, project experience, 35 hours of training institution company name, etc., and the review time is about 3 to 7 working days. English registration can be reported at any time and is valid for one year (the validity period will be displayed after the review is passed). English registration is required to be completed in English. If you have passed the PMP students, you can provide English registration service.
  3. About 65 days before the test, Chinese registration, you need to fill in personal information, the name of the training institution, the name of the training institution and pay the application fee of 3900 yuan;

Registration Flow Chart

  1. The PMP exam is generally taken four times a year in March, June, September and December. Take the exam. Such as the exam on June 20, 2021 and September 11, 2021.
  2. About 4 to 6 weeks after the exam, the results will be released. You can check it on the PMI official website, and if you pass the exam (shown as PASS), you can download the electronic version of the certificate directly from the PMI official website.
  3. 6 to 9 months after the test, mail the paper certificate from the United States.

Are you tired and hard work, but in project management, there will always be a variety of problems so that the project can not run smoothly? Do you often encounter these problems?

The project objectives are not clear

Project requirements are constantly changing

Cross-departmental and cross-professional communication is not smooth

Team members are weak, push each other out of responsibility, and team execution is poor

The “old oil bar” in the team doesn’t know how to deal with the slug

Key nodes, risk prevention is not good

Project estimates are not allowed, the control sensitivity is poor, the project drags on

Technicians are “forced to take up positions” as project managers and can’t jump out of the “technical thinking”

Can’t manage millions, tens of millions of projects

Functional project managers do a good deal of project management when they have the responsibility and authority and responsibility

Do you want to take the PMP exam, but there are many questions?

Here’s what Xiaoxi said about PMP:

Introduction to PMP Certificates

PMP (Project Management Professional Qualification)

Launched by the Project Management Association, Project Management Institute is highly recognized in more than 200 countries and territories around the world and is the most gold-bearing project manager certificate in the project management industry. If you want to become a professional project manager, build an excellent project management team, then holding a PMP certificate is the most authoritative assessment of personal ability, enterprise project management water level and the most professional promotion.

As an important symbol of project management professionals, PMP certificate is an indispensable certificate in the career development of every project manager. The certificate is considered a prerequisite for project manager positions in many enterprises, especially multinational enterprises, and is also a prerequisite for project managers in many major project tenders. Getting a PMP certificate not only improves the project manager’s project management level, but also directly reflects the project manager’s personal competitiveness, and is a symbol of the status of project management professionals.

Want to jump ship large-scale famous enterprises, foreign enterprises, but because it is not PMP, by THESS dropped?

Want to do the project easily, but because of poor management, demand spread, lag?

The colleague who joined with you because of the PMP examination, the system learned the project management knowledge, not only promotion but also pay 2 times?

Management is not at heart, it is difficult to have a new breakthrough?

Project management is still using wild roads? How to break through the career bottleneck?

PMP certificate value

To individuals: project management professionals have become a hot spot for enterprises and enterprises to compete for talent resources, project managers have become a “golden career.” Fortune magazine has asserted that project managers will be the best careers of the 21st century. PMP is the recognition and proof of project manager’s knowledge, ability and experience: the process of participating in PMP certification is a very effective way to master the thinking method of project management and improve the ability to work.

To the organization: economic globalization and the intensification of market competition, so that the business environment has undergone fundamental changes. This makes the project-centered organizational management model more suitable for the development and competitive needs of the organization, and whether the organization has a large number of excellent project managers becomes the key to the survival, development and participation of enterprises in international competition. In the field of project management, enterprises and institutions need an industry standard, need a recognition and certification, PMP to project managers to provide an internationally recognized standard, the number of PMP certificate personnel will also become an image of an enterprise logo.

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