How to Check Boyfriend’s Text Messages for Free Without Him Knowing

If your boyfriend is spending a lot of time on his mobile phone or keeps texting all the time then it is natural that you become suspicious and want to know with whom he is texting all the time. 

You can read his text messages by physically accessing his mobile phone but it will spoil your relationship and if your boyfriend is cheating on you then he never lend his phone to you. So you should go with a solution where you can read his text message without knowing him. 

Just read the given article and you will find different useable ways to check your boyfriend’s text messages secretly without being caught. You can catch cheaters by reading spouse text messages online.

Method 1. Check Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages By Using A Spy App

If you want to clear your all doubts or to collect the shreds of evidence deeply then a spy app is the best solution for you. By using a spy app you will not only read the text messages of your boyfriend but can also monitor all of his digital activities including what he is doing on social media. 

Spylix is the best efficient spy app among all the available options in regard of the price and the features. It is compatible with Android as well as iPhone so whether your boyfriend use iPhone or Android you can easily use it for both cases. 

It is an important feature for a spy app that it works hiddenly and remotely and Spylix offers both of these features. It could be the best choice for you if you are not a tech person and did not know much about technical hacking skills. 

Step by step guidelines

Spylix offers a straightforward and easy way of accessing text messages of your boyfriend. All you need to do is to follow the given steps. 

Follow the given steps if your boyfriend uses an Android phone: 

Step 1. Firstly you have to go to Spylix’s official website and create an account here by just providing your email address. 

Step 2. After successfully signing up, follow the instructions provided on the screen to add the app to your boyfriend’s phone. 

Step 3. Login to your Spylix account by using any browser and go to the text messages section from key features. 

If your boyfriend uses an iPhone then you can easily install the Spylix application on it without accessing or touching his phone as described in the given steps.

Step 1. Navigate to the official website of Spylix and create a free account here. You just have to provide your email address. 

Step 2. Now provide iCloud credentials of your boyfriend’s apple id and then you can easily access all the phone data. 

Step 3. Go to your online dashboard by login into your Spylix account and you have access to the whole Device data including his iMessages and other messages. 

Information you will get by checking text messages through Spylix

Spylix offers to monitor 40 different types of files but if you are concerned about monitoring text messages only then by using Spylix you can read the following type of text messages and related information about your boyfriend: 

  • Text messages

Spylix has a user-friendly interface that permits you to read all the sent and receive text messages from your boyfriend’s mobile phone along with the iMessages. Backups of your boyfriend’s mobile phone can also be accessible and store on your Spylix account from where you can read and save the text messages whenever you want.

  • Deleted messages 

If your boyfriend is cheating on you then he must delete his messages so no one can find out about the affair he is having. But by using Spylix you can easily retrieve the deleted messages from his backup so even if he deletes messages but you can view and store the evidence by using Spylix. 

  • Social media chats 

Spylix also supports the monitoring of instant messaging applications. You can read your boyfriend’s chat present on Instagram, Whatsapp, telegram, and Snapchat. 

Besides the application, Spylix also offers you to monitor the browser history of your boyfriend so you can find out what are the social sites he is visiting. 

  • Contact information 

It is important to know who your boyfriend keeps texting. The answer lies in the Spylix as it will offer you to find out the phone number, name, and other information of the target person with whom your boyfriend is texting. 

  • Timestamps 

To keep track of when your boyfriend sends or receives the text messages you can view the time and date of every message by using Spylixs. 

Why Choose Spylix?

Following are the reasons that describe why you should prefer Spylix over other spy apps:

  • Multifunctional

Spylix is a multifunctional tool it does not offer only checking text messages but you can monitor the whole chats and media files related to chats on different social media applications such as WhatsApp or Instagram. 

  • Remote working 

After successfully setting up it on your boyfriend’s mobile phone you can get all the updates remotely without accessing the target device. 

  • Stealth mode 

It offers stealth mode where it works hiddenly. It hides its icon, does not take a lot of space on your boyfriend’s mobile phone, does not use his device resources, and drains the battery. So your boyfriend will never find out that you are monitoring his text messages. 

  • User-friendly 

It offers are user-friendly interface and an easy and straightforward process to install and set up the application on your boyfriend’s mobile phone. It is compatible with Android as well as with iPhone devices and does not require rooting the Android device or jailbreaking the target iPhone. 

  • Budget-friendly

It is a very budget-friendly app. It allows you to enjoy the maximum number of features at very reasonable prices. It offers you different pricing plans and you can choose the one according to your need. All the plans are very budget-friendly. 

Method 2. Check Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Through Backup Files

Another free method that you can use to get your boyfriend’s text messages is by using backup files. This method does not involve any type of Spy app so you don’t need to install anything on your boyfriend’s mobile phone. This method is only useful if your boyfriend uses an Android phone. 

Most Android devices have SMS backup tools that store sms data in encoded form and when you access these backup files then you can easily read his messages on a computer. 

Step by step guideline 

You have to follow the given steps to check your boyfriend’s text messages through backup files.

Step 1. Open the XML backup file in MS Excel on your computer. 

Step 2. Choose the XML file type and allow all the permissions.

Step 3. Enter =([@date]/86400000) +25569 in the column and then copy-paste it into all the rows. 

Step 4. Format the new column as a date.  


  • It only works for Android devices
  • Complex procedures and need technical skills
  • Need a computer 
  • Detectable 

Method 3. Check Your Boyfriend’s Text Messages Through iCloud

By syncing messages to iCloud, you can easily access them. This is a very easy and free method. This method is useful if your boyfriend has an iPhone running on the iOS 12 + version because this is where you are able to sync messages and access them on another device or computer. 

It is important that you know your boyfriend’s Apple ID credentials. For more read the given guidelines:

Step 1. Go to the iPhone settings of your boyfriend and then choose the device name to find out the iCloud Apple ID details. 

Step 2. Go to Apple ID settings and choose the iCloud option and enable the messages to synchronize with iCloud. 


  • It only works for the iPhone. 
  • You need the iCloud credentials of your target person.
  • Doesn’t offer other details related to SMS
  • It is not a secure way as your boyfriend will find out about this. 

Final Thoughts 

Cheating on a relationship is not what anyone can like. But if it happens then you have different ways that you can use to check your boyfriend’s text messages without knowing him. The best way to do so is Spylix. It not only lets you read your boyfriend’s text messages but also permits you to access all the other associated information. Try it now to clear your doubts.

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