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It was a film made in the company of Walt Disney Studios and released on the 3rd of November, 2021. The animated film is an American comedy and musical fantasy (animated) style. The animated films made by Disney are made within their Animation studio. Encanto will be the studio’s 60th movie made by Disney.

The screenplay’s script was written by Charise Castro Smith whose co-wrote the script with Jared Bush joins. The film’s direction credits go to Jared Bush and Byron Howard. Clark Spencer and Yvett Merino are the directors of the film.

The story was written created by Jared Bush, Byron Howard, Jason Hand, Charise Castro Smith, Lin-Manuel Hamilton, as well as Nancy Kruse.

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Characters and Plot

In the mountains of Colombia A family known as the Madrigals reside in the beautiful Encanto. With the exception of Mirabel the magic of Encanto has bestowed a special blessing on the children of each family. When she discovers that the magic of Encanto is in danger and she could become the Madrigals’ only chance.


  • Mirabel is the principal character.
  • Abuela Alma Madrigal, she is the mother of Mirabel
  • Julieta Madrigal, she is the mother of Mirabel
  • Agustin Madrigal is the father of Mirabel
  • Aged 21 Isabela Madrigal is the oldest of her sisters.
  • Five-year-old Antonio Madrigal he is cousin of Mirabel

How Old is Mirabel From Encanto?

The film’s protagonist Encanto Mirabel, who is fifteen years old. She is the main character within the story, however she is not a possessed magical powers in comparison to those in her immediate family. This is why she felt excluded and believed she was not special like the rest of her relatives.

Her family and their powers of magic were in danger There was only Mirabel was the only one who was able to help them save the home they had built Encanto as well as the gifts which were bestowed to her loved ones by mountains. The film is full of adventure with humor and an emotional animation that is sure to surprise you.

Hope we have answered this question the age of characters from Encanto? properly. It is impossible to provide all of them since there over 20 characters. We listed the age of the characters as possible based on the provided information.


The main character of the film, Mirabel, is 15 years old. She will protect her family from the enchantment that is the Encanto. The film has received lots of praise from viewers and is an award-winning film. The film was adored by the audience and the characters.

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