How Much Snow Did Mississauga Get (January 2022) All Answered!

The guide gives specifics on the amount of snow Mississauga Receive to inform residents.

Following the massive snowstorm that hit the region, a vast range of roads and services throughout Mississauga were affected. The officials and authorities from Environment Canada have been encouraging residents to stay home and to avoid travel until it is necessary.

The government has issued advisories on Twitter and confirmed that heavy winds, heavy snowfall and a lack of visibility caused a miserable travel experience on Monday. The snowfall was between 40 to 60 CM and is predicted to grow in Mississauga and in the surrounding areas.

Residents are asking questions and would like to find out how much snow Mississauga Receive.

What is the Weather Condition of Mississauga?

According to the Environment Canada The Environment Canada website states that January, just like December, is a month that is subzero cold winter, with temperatures that range between less than 6.1 degree Celsius to less than 1.4 degree Celsius.

The report was prepared where they’ve mentioned the fact that Jan 2022 will be most likely to be the coldest of the months with the average temperature for highs of just 1.4 degree Celsius while the average cold temperature is -6.1 inches Celsius.

The weather is expected to be better in February since it is the final month of winter. However, the first month could be subzero temperatures.

How Much Snow Did Mississauga Get – Let Us See!

The winter storm advisory for residents has been changed into a blizzard alert on 17th Jan , Monday. According to the most recent warning the city is likely to have a tense wind with visibility close to zero due to the blowing snow that will be recorded in the city.

The latest reports indicate that the city will see snowfalls ranging from 30 CM to 50 CM and is predicted to continue falling through the entire day. During peak hours the snowfall rates could rise up to 10- CM per hour, and this occurs in the early morning hours.

The question is, How Much Snow Did Mississauga get? isn’t yet clear so residents need to go online to find the most current information.

Authorities have warned the public about the strong winds that could reach as high as 60 KMPH and the most severe conditions are scheduled to last until 11 pm on Monday. This warning came out following the tracking of a low-pressure system to the south of Great Lakes.

Updates on Advisory

A weather forecaster has released an alert where it says that 60 cm of snowfall is anticipated in the high-frequency hours or the afternoon. The crews are already clearing streets and opening residential roads. However, many are still left wondering how much snow Mississauga get?.

The public transportation system has been disrupted and could be delayed for up to an hour because of the congestion due to snowfall in certain regions. All clinics for vaccination will be temporarily closed due to the extreme weather.

The snowfall was very heavy in the morning and afternoon. It isn’t specific what amount of snow was recorded in the city yesterday.


Residents are concerned about the extreme conditions for the weather. This is the first snowfall of winter, and everyone is curious about the amount of snow Mississauga Receive.

The authorities haven’t verified how much snowfall that the city recorded. However, they issued an advisories and warned the public on tweets regarding the possibility of gusty winds and snowfall that can reach 60 CM during peak hours.

Are you aware of any information you’d like to share regarding the snowfall? Please post it in the comments section.

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