How Many Kids Does Melissa Caddick Have: Where Is Josh Now?

Melissa Caddick Kids is an Australian scammer. The woman who vanished in November 2020 was married twice.

Melissa Caddick, an Australian woman, vanished before ASIC began an investigation into her business of financial services without AFS licensing.

Nearly two years after she vanished, news of her death began to appear. It is still a mystery how the conwoman who swindled many people died.

Police found the decomposed foot of the fraudster washed up at a beach a few months after she disappeared. A coroner in Australia has declared that Caddick was undoubtedly dead.

Melissa Caddick is back in the spotlight after the Australian coroner’s ruling. Many people are curious about the background and family of the conwoman.

The article today is about Melissa Caddick’s son, Josh Caddick. It also includes his location.

How many children does Melissa Caddick have?

Melissa Caddick, an Australian fraudster, was the mother of only one child: Josh Caddick. She had a son with Tony Caddick, her first husband.

Melissa Caddick and her first husband Tony Caddick have a son named Josh Caddick.

Melissa and Tony were married on April 20, 2000, at the Garrison Church located in Millers Point. The Caddick couple welcomed Josh as their son in 2006.

Josh Caddick, who was 14 at the time his mother disappeared in November 2020, earned his law degree after Melissa’s insistance. Tony, who already had a degree in political science, was admitted to the bar after Melissa’s insistance.

In 2010, the Caddicks moved to Essex to be closer to Tony’s family, while he commuted daily to London for work.

Caddick had no job when she moved to England and soon became bored with her surroundings. Ms. Caddick persuaded her husband to allow her to go to Switzerland to attend a financial conference, by saying that she wanted to refresh her knowledge.

Tony later learned that Melissa had traveled to Paris with Anthony Koletti, her Sydney-based stylist, to continue their affair. She also paid for his international travel expenses.

The conwoman, after being confronted with Tony, emptied the shared bank account and their home in Essex. In January 2012 the fraudster moved to Sydney, Australia, with her son Josh Caddick.

She told her family in Australia that her husband had abused her. Tony and Melissa separated in 2013.

Later that year, the scammer and her boyfriend Koletti got married.

Where is Josh Caddick now?

Josh Caddick is the son of Tony and Melissa Caddick. He will be 17 in 2023. Josh’s location is unknown.

It is unknown where the son of scammer Melissa Caddick lives.

Josh was living with Anthony Koletti, his stepfather when his mother vanished on 12 November 2012. Could he be still living with Koletti? The answer is not clear.

Josh may be living with a relative because he’s still a minor.

In an interview, Melissa’s son and her second husband revealed that they had heard open and close the front door to the Dover Heights home on the morning she disappeared.

The conwoman never appeared again after that day. The raid was conducted by ASIC and AFP investigators in relation to an alleged $23 Million Ponzi scheme.

In a shoe washed up on the shore, a fraudster’s foot that was heavily decomposed was discovered. A DNA test confirmed that the foot belonged to Ms. Caddick.

Melissa is believed to have committed suicide by jumping from the cliffs close to her home. The shark then ate the body and spat out Melissa’s foot.

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