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The PSAT is a highly competitive exam. Read How Long does the PSAT Take.

The Preliminary Scholar Test is one the most difficult exams in the United States. It’s where many young hopefuls compete for scholarships. Recently, there was concern over What Time Does The Preliminary Scholarship Test Take and other details regarding the exam. The College Board organizes the exam. This exam is especially important for juniors and sophomores in high schools. The test is based primarily on reading and mathematics skills. It will be discussed in detail in this article.

An Introduction to PSAT

We are trying to provide the most complete information on the PSAT test. It is administered by the College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation. The PSAT takes 2 hours and 45 minutes. The preliminary exam is helpful for students who want to take the SAT.

To pass this exam, you must be able manage your time. The exam is open to High School sophomores as well as freshmen in certain schools. The PSAT exam was first administered in 1971. It is still taken every fall. The PSAT test was originally only composed of math and verbal sections. But, it was formatted differently in 2015. Registration for the test must be completed by high schools that are members of College Board.

Additional information about the PSAT Time?

The 2015 format changes have resulted in the test being divided into four sections. These are Math, critical reading, writing skills, and Math. Calculators are now forbidden in the mathematics exam. While the test is objective, multiple-choice based and grid-in questions are provided after each math section. This test can be used to evaluate the ability to solve intellectual problems and the knowledge.


Each year, approximately 35, 000 students take PSAT. There are three types to the recognition certificate: Semi Finalists and Finalists. The recognition certificate is awarded to 5% of those who have taken the test. How long does the PSAT take? The answer is 2 hours 45 minutes. The exam’s details are also discussed in detail above. Read for more details.

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