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This news article reveals the solution to how long Electric Lamp glows if combined with deuterium in Nuclear Fusion.

Have you ever considered the amount of time it takes the electric light bulb to ignite when it is supplied with enough energy? Today we’ll discuss the most talked about topic on the internet: the length of time that an electric lamp is able to burn through the fusion process of deuterium. The issue has made people particularly the Physics fans from in the United Arab Emirates and India to go mad. They’ve been trying to figure out the issue since it was first revealed. This article will give you the solution to how long can an Electric Lamp light .

What’s the story?

The story gained the attention of people due to a query which was exposed around the time that an electrical lamp with a power of 100W could shine when it was infused with 2 kilograms of deuterium. Based on the theory of nuclear fusion in mind, the scientists started to work on the problem and quickly found the right answer. The light bulb can be lit for up to 4.9*10^4 years as per the equation. The result was intriguing for those interested in resolving these types of problems can go to the internet and discover the origin of the query.

The most important information concerning How Long An Electric Lamp of 100W last?

We all have heard about nuclear fission and nuclear fusion reactions in Physics. The formula to determine the length of time that the electric lamp will be lit up is quite fascinating. It is possible to find all details about time travel and light years by using these formulas and equations. The theories are fascinating and the deep understanding of these theories will aid in determining the answer to this specific question regarding the electric lamp which takes some time to light if it is provided with 100 W of energy and 2 kg of deuterium.

A comprehensive explanation of the length of time that an Electric Lamp light

If you’re looking to learn about the entire process involved in the solution, take a look at the answer below.

If the power for an electric lamp is 100 W. deuterium from two nuclei is fused with each other, and the energy released is 3.2MeV. The sum of Deuterium Atoms are 6.023*1026. If you calculate the amount of energy is released through the fusion process is 6.03*10^26 deuterium. Imagine that the lamp turns on at the specified time (t) and the energy utilized from the light source is 100t and upon solving the equation for the question How long can an Electric Lamp with 100W , we find the right answer which can be 4.9*10^4 years. This question is fascinating for users and the solution. Keep checking this blog for information.

If you are looking for a thorough answer that includes the correct formulas and equations in order to arrive at the right answer, we recommend that you study this article.

Final End

Physics is an extremely fascinating topic, and those who are involved in finding the right answer to any query that is related to the subject will certainly try to find the right answer for the query. Did you get the correct answer to the question How Long Can Electric Lamp? Have you found the solution to the question intriguing? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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