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This article will explain Alicent’s life and the circumstances that led to her death in the series. You can also read How Did Alicent Die?.

What do you think about Alicent? Is that the same character you saw? Are you familiar with House of Dragons? Did you read the episodes in a book or DVD? Did you do any research on Alicent? You can find out more by looking at the phrases below. The episode and story are Worldwide famous, and many people are interested in the House of Dragon series. How Does Alicent die?

Here’s ALICENT HIGHTOWER’s story in HOUSE of THE DRAGON so far.

Alicent would be the fourth Westerian who has died of winter fever from twitching and cold flushes.

Alicent and Rhaenyra Targaryen are close friends and act as if the two are sisters. After Gemma’s death, King Viserys was helped by Alice. He decided to marry her only after that. Aegon, Alicent’s son, was born to Rhaenyra following Alicent’s death. It had been widely believed that Aegon was more likely to inherit the Iron Throne than Rhaenyra. Many believed that Rhaenyra should inherit Iron Throne from Alicent. The final straw came when Alicent found out that Rhaenyra had slept with Criston Cole, and then lied to Alicent about it in episode 5.

What Does Alicent Hightower Do?

After a 10-year wait to reconcile with Alicent, usually to mend their relationship, the queen declines a generous olive branch from rhaenyra. After the Targaryen Civil War ended, Westeros was struck by an epidemic that caused Alicent’s death. Alicent spent her last year alone, with her septa (female Priest), guards and servants. All her relatives had died.

Because of her isolation and lack of social interaction Alicent starts talking to herself. She eventually hates green because it symbolizes her faction, and Aegon in the Dance of the Dragons.

Does Alicent Die? .

Alicent would be the fourth Westerian to die from Winter Fever. After experiencing symptoms for four days, the sufferer becomes delirious and eventually dies from the cold flushes and twitching.


Alicent dies after she has finished reading the story about the house of dragons. Each episode is well-known. You can read or watch the series to get more information. You can find more information about the episodes online.

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