How Does a Blood Type Calculator Predict your Baby’s Blood Type?

Did you know that your baby’s blood type can be easily determined by using the Blood type Punnett square calculator?

You can put the parent’s blood type into the calculators available online and they’ll let you determine the blood type your baby has. Isn’t it fascinating? Although there are chances of changes as it isn’t accurate but it works well in so many cases.

What is a Blood Type Calculator?

We have so many blood type calculators available online that tell you your blood type by filling in the required information on the websites.

This calculator works by knowing the mother’s and father’s blood types. The parent’s genes play a vital role in the baby’s blood group.

The blood type calculator lets you know your baby’s blood group but you can never wholly rely on results you get from the internet. You should go through a medical procedure to accurately determine it.

What Is A Punnett Square Calculator?

A Punnett square calculator was developed by Reginald C. Punnett. It works under a square diagram, which lets you determine the percentage of the genotypes in your off springs and also help you to have information about the genotype of your future generation.

It is best in identifying the possible combinations of both the maternal dominance and the fatherly genes into your upcoming future generation. You can also estimate the chances of which specific genes will be inherited in your baby.

How to use a blood type calculator for determining the blood type of your baby?

Here is how you can use the blood type Punnett square calculator by following the steps below to determine your baby’s blood type.

  1. The choice is yours if you want to go with the Monohybrid test or Dihybrid. Just select which one you want.
  2. There you’ll see the two options of Mother’s Gene and Father’s Gene.
  3. Further, you’ll need to select the accurate one from the options available.
  4. In this way, the results will be generated in form of a Punnett square table right below the section.

Why use the Blood type Punnett Square Calculator?

You can use the blood type calculator most importantly to identify your baby’s blood type.

  • Besides that, there are so many things that can be discovered about the baby by just knowing the blood group of your baby.
  • You can also check your blood type if you accurately remember your parents’ blood group type.
  • You can also identify the phenotypic ratio and the genotypic ratio by using the blood type Punnett square calculator.
  • In any case, if you want to know dominant and recessive traits charts are also available.
  • The easiest to determine it is through a single trait gene chart.

It is not that you can identify every gene or blood type generated by the Punnett square calculator will be 100 % accurate.

Rules You Must Remember While Using The Punnett Square Calculator:

Here are a few rules you keep in mind before testing on this calculator;

  1. Before using the genetic calculators you must provide the traits that are defined by alleles.
  2. You must inherit the qualities and traits both separately.
  3. The external factors which may arise must not be affected by the inheritance of genes at any time.
  4. The Punnett square calculator cannot predict the child’s height, but it can identify the child’s blood type heredity. This is because there are far too many variables, particularly genes that influence these characteristics and cannot identify height.


How does Blood Type Compatibility Helps Create Your Baby’s Blood Group?

If we talk about blood compatibility you must know that it is due to the presence or the absence of the antigens. There are two Antigens, A antigen and B antigen. Each blood type carries a different antigen that creates a baby’s blood group.

The A blood type carries A antigens just like this B blood type carries the B antigen. But if the blood type is AB then it can have both A as well as B antigens. Whereas the O blood type carries no antigens may it be A or B.

It is said that at the age of 6 months most of the bodies start developing antibodies naturally against the antigens that lack in the body due to red blood cells. This is how blood compatibility works in human bodies.


It is quite hard to understand the reasoning behind all these blood type compatibilities and how antigens process. But they have an important impact on our bodies. One can identify his or her baby’s blood type just by using the Blood Type Punnett Square Calculator.

By selecting the accurate information in the calculator and the results will be generated straight away in no time.

Some basic knowledge is mandatory for using this type of calculator if you want to use them perfectly. This is simply how a blood type calculator determines the blood type your baby has.

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