Hernandez Joseline Twitter: What Happened To Hernandez?

This article contains all the information you need about Hernandez Joseline Twitter, as well as additional information on the viral video. Continue reading to learn more.

Are you familiar with Joseline Hernandez? You may have seen the online trending viral video of Joseline Hernández. You have come to the right place if you want to learn more about the viral video of Joseline Hernandez. Joseline Hernandez’s viral video is all over social media. The video is trending in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

The blog today will cover all the information on Hernandez Joseline Twitter, as well as more details regarding the viral video. Continue reading the article.

Joseline Hernández and Big Lex Video Trends on Online Platforms:

Social media has been flooded with attention in recent years for the viral video featuring reality TV personalities Big Lex and Joseline Hernandez. The viral video of Joseline Hernandez is a hot topic on the internet. The viral video surprised fans. Since the viral video went viral, it’s been trending online.

On social media, including Instagram, the viral video of Joseline and Big Lex is widely discussed. The video shows the altercation that took place between the two TV personalities. According to reports, an altercation occurred between Big Lex Hernandez and Joseline at the FLA Live Arena during Floyd Mayweather III vs John Gotti event.

The video shows that Joseline Hernandez hit Big Lex after the Floyd Mayweather exhibition fight turned into a riot. Joseline Hernandez was seen hitting Big Lex as Big Lex lay on the ground and appeared helpless. It is not clear why the fight between the two TV personalities started. Reddit, Facebook and other social media platforms have been flooded with the video of this fight. The security personnel stopped the fight later and Big Lex fled from the place. The incident occurred on Sunday in Florida at the FLA live Arena.

Joseline Hernandez’s controversial video has been making its way around the internet. Social media platforms have been dominated by the fight between these two TV personalities. It is not known why the fight took place between them. The viral video of the fight is trending on various online platforms.

Information about Joseline Hernandez :

According to her Wiki, the famous TV personality Joseline Hernandez was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico on 3rd of November 1986. When she was six years old, she moved to Florida. She is known as the Puerto Rican princess. She is a professional actress, rapper and producer. Balistic Beats is the name of her husband, with whom she married in 2017. The couple has 1 child. She became popular after appearing in the VH1 reality TV series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, and other series. She is 36 years old. According to reports, she is a mother of one child.

She has become a trending topic on social media sites after her viral fight video. She was involved in a fight on Sunday with Big Lex at the FLA live Arena in Florida. The video of the fight is trending on all online platforms.


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