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Jerry Foster

Jerry Foster, a former Channel 12 helicopter pilot, is well-known for his skillful flying, numerous sessions with children, and occasional meetings with officials from the Federal Aviation Administration. But, he was also known for his sexy attitude during and around the Maricopa County process. In the event that Robin Groves served legal papers and was unable to comply, the situation deteriorated. Groves claimed that at first, Jerry was nice to him. However, once he learned the name that was Groves, Jerry became a fan and behaved badly with Groves.

It is important to note that the data we provide is gathered from online sources. We are not in any way supporting or opposing any person. Groves was not expecting to be treated with disrespect by Jerry Foster Helicopter Pilot. Then Jerry was warned Groves and ordered him to go away from the area.

Fight Between Groves and Foster

Groves stated to the press that Foster was pushing him and then fell on him which resulted in injuries to his elbow and the knee. Groves stated that his doctor informed him that the nerve in his elbow could be damaged. Two of his fingers were numb following the accident for 4 days.

In the account of Maricopa County Sheriff, Foster became violent, hitting Groves and kicking him with a bat. The report also states that Foster took documents from Groves and then went to his home.

Helicopter Jerry Foster

Groves stated that he is doing his work tough, and his behavior towards Foster made it more difficult. The Foster case Foster was sent to the county attorney’s office to determine if Foster will be accused or not. But efforts made to reach Foster were unsuccessful. James Carroll, the Attorney of the State, stated that he wants to hear from Foster about what he observed after a car accident in May 1987.

Carroll expressed surprise at his ignorance of two prior orders. Carroll also stated that he’d heard about numerous things concerning Foster. He was of the opinion the the Helicopter Jerry Foster was bitter about the world.

Foster had to go before aviation authorities throughout his flying career. The authorities accused him of recklessness. Foster was required to appear before authorities for ignoring the instructions of air traffic controllers. Foster would likely lose his pilot license in 1985. Foster pursued an aircraft, believing it was connected to the bank robbery that occurred in Chino Valley.


Jerry Foster is mainly popular for his amazing skills in piloting the helicopter. He was able to get his helicopter into the spotlight. Even though he had to deal with several controversies, the expertise the helicopter pilot gained cannot be denied. Many people know helicopter pilot Jerry Foster for his skills. For more information you can visit the website.

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