Health-Care-UK Scam {June 2022} Check The Complete Details Here!

This article about the Health Care-UK Scam will educate our readers through the latest frauds taking place within the UK and how to be aware.

Did you know about latest scams? It is reported that the Health and Social Service (NHS) of United Kingdom has warned people to stay away from fake messages that claim that they’ve been exposed the omicron version of covid that has caused an uneasy situation for people who are being duped. This article about the Health Care-UK Scam will educate readers through the latest methods used by fraudsters to defraud consumers.

Read this article for the most recent information on scam news and methods to protect yourself from being scammed.

How can I tell if this is a Scam?

Text messages are being sent out for the NHS however, the NHS is not aware of this. The messages will inform the reader about Omicron exposure and will certainly scare you. They will request for you to click an advertisement to purchase an Omicron test kit for 99 cents. However, the link is more fraudulent than this. It could be used for future scams.

Health-Care-UK Scam

NHS is not able to offer testing kits at no cost However, the link on the advertisement will take you to a website that looks that is similar to NHS however, it’s not genuine. They could steal your personal information to make further scams in the future. They cost just 99 cents for the kit to test and therefore, many people will fall for the trap since they already fear the threat from Omicron, however it’s not just an unintentional money-scam but is far more grave.

These scammers are extremely smart and have conned many individuals to date, therefore all people should be aware of scams. This is the reason NHS is working to raise awareness about the Health-Care-UK scam .

More information on this Scam

These websites can use the personal information you provide including your birth date as well as your address and phone number, to determine if you are as a potential victim of fraud. Even with all the awareness, some may be frightened by the omicron exposure . They will then complete their details but we want to assure that you won’t be provided with a covid test kit after you have paid and provided all the information you need; it will be a way for fraudsters to carry out further frauds against you in the near future.

NHS has provided information to people regarding Health-Care UK Scam. Also, they have advised people to report it to ensure it is shut down as soon as it can However, scammers are constantly creating new domains that they can use to scam users. Be wary of the websites.


In this article we’ve included a comprehensive details about the Scam and the ways in which the NHS is creating awareness and trying to stop these scams as quickly as is possible. They are always inventing new methods of defrauding innocent victims. Therefore, we should be aware of these scams. Visit this link for more information on NHS.

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