Have You Tried These Cube Solitaire Alternatives Yet?

Cube solitaire is a tactical and strategy card game initially designed as a single-player game. Today, the game is popular on online platforms with a slight twist in its rules. Online cube solitaire games have a countdown timer, and you can play the game with friends or random online players. The goal is to assemble the cards according to their suit in alternating colors. During the game, players must try to outsmart their opponents with foolproof tactics.

When you download and play solitaire cube Android, you get to play free practice games, participate in head-to-head online competitions and meet experienced players. By partaking in tournaments, you can earn cash rewards and prizes. Different game modes let you play against real-life opponents or participate in multiplayer tournaments. It is vital to score the highest and rise up the scoreboard to win rewards.

Although cube solitaire is an exciting game and offers productive entertainment, you may want to take a break and explore other online card games like rummy, solitaire, freecell. But if you wish to stay connected with cube solitaire, try out the following alternatives.

Solitaire Magic Klondike

Solitaire Magic Klondike is a single-player and multiplayer puzzle card game developed by Viral s.r.o. The game consists of various challenging levels where players can have fun and unwind after a tough day. It offers impressive and intuitive gameplay. The objective is to score the highest. You can even challenge your friends and take pleasure in beating them.

The game comprises various modes, and players can choose the one they want to play. You can select your name and jump into a world of challenging levels that you need to solve to progress. As you move forward, you can collect tokens and gifts.

The game might appear simple, but it is difficult to master.

Pyramid Solitaire Saga

Pyramid Solitaire Saga is another fantastic puzzle card game developed by the makers of Farm Heroes Saga. The game’s setting is in an ancient world, and players get to join Helena and Kingsley on an epic adventure to expose the secrets of the ancient land.

Players need to search for clues while collecting scarabs hidden beneath cards. In addition, you need to match a greater or lower card than the one from your deck’s collection.

It would be best if you caught the scarabs to reveal the clues, which will assist you on your journey to find the magic and hidden treasures of the ancient world.

There are hundreds of levels that players need to solve, and with each level, you get to unlock more levels and move forward. In addition, the game has boosters that you can use to help you solve levels when you find yourself stuck.

Mahjong Trails

MegaZebra developed and published Mahjong Trails. The game happens in various locations and allows players to complete different levels to unlock myriad worlds. The game’s rules are straightforward. First, you need to follow the Mahjong Trails and break the cards to solve the levels. As you progress, the levels become more demanding.

The game enables you to compete against your friends. Also, the game is timed, and you must solve the levels within a limited time. Gold coins are rewarded as players progress.


Published and developed by Karman Games, Hearts is a trick-based puzzle card game. Four players can play simultaneously, and the game offers various challenging levels. The objective is to pass three cards to your opponent. In this turn-based game, you can choose to play against an AI character that allows you to collect XP points and help you win the game.

The game is available in online and offline modes. You need to complete the deck of cards ascendingly according to the suits. Therefore, it is crucial to complete the level before your opponents.

Phase 10

Phase 10 is a puzzle board game that you can play with your friends or real-life online players. Magmic Inc. developed the game, and players need to race against their opponents to complete ten phases. The goal is to be the first player to finish ten phases to win the game. The phases might be a combination of cards and are typically composed of sets, runs, and cards of the same color. It might be a combination of these cards.

After that, two players complete the last phase simultaneously. The winner is the player completing the final phase with the lowest score. The game has three modes, including hard, medium, and easy, with nine opponents. You can select your game mode according to your skill level.

Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures

Solitaire Blitz: Lost Treasures is an incredible game for players who enjoy card games like solitaire. The game’s rules and values are similar to other solitaire games, but there are slight twists. For instance, players need to match cards in sixty seconds to clear the card deck, and then they can explore the island and collect the treasures.

Multiple islands are featured in the game. Each game has its unique look, and it consists of several levels.

The game allows players to match their points with their friends. Other features like smooth controls, great visual details, an online leaderboard, etc.

Summing Up

Cube solitaire is a fantastic game, and once you’ve got the hang of it, you cannot let go of the game quickly. However, it is good sometimes to take a break and try out other games. When you are in the mood to explore different cube solitaire card games, you can pick one from the above list.

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