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Do you know about the recent death information about Harry James Pei? Take a look at the passages below for more information.

Did you hear about the tragic death of a well-known person from Prince Edward Island, Canada? If you’re excited to find out the most current news make sure you read this piece of writing.

When someone we love dearly dies, we don’t have any idea how to cope with the loss. In addition, during this time when we feel like we’ve lost our senses. In the James family is feeling the same feeling as a result of the tragic loss of one of their James family members Harry James Pei. Let us look at the details that are related to this today.

Who Is Harry James From PEI?

According to the poll the survey, he was a well-known persona that was known for his generous and warm nature. He also had an extended family that was the most important thing to him from the deepest of his hearts. Unfortunately, on 25th of May, 2022, he died in the age group of 81. But the reason behind Harry’s death has not been disclosed on any website.

Harry was famous within the community because he was a repairer of appliances and also a generous person. We will now examine the additional details about the ceremony after his death the following passage.

Harry James Obituary Pei Details

In our research and a source, we found that the funeral service will be held on the Belvedere Funeral Home from 2 4 pm to 5 pm, and then from 7 pm until 9 pm on May 30, 2022. On the 31st of May 2022, in St. Dunstan’s Basilica, the funeral service will start at 10 am and run until 11 am. Additionally the burial will be held within the Roman Catholic Cemetery of Charlottetown.

If you’d like to support the memorial of a loved one online, you can make a donation towards Kids Sport or pay to Provincial Palliative Care Centre through an e-check. We’ll proceed to the next section to learn more concerning the death of Harry James Pei..

Other Connected Details

Our research showed that the date of his birth was 11th July 1940. He died leaving the wife of his choice, Donna Garnhum, with children: Todd, Melissa, Wade, Michael, and ‘Harry Junior’, Eight grandchildren, one brother and a daughter-in law. Additionally to that, he was a well-known an instructor of hockey. In addition, he offers UPEI hockey tickets.

Furthermore, his lighting abilities during the Christmas season were also appreciated by the residents of the area. The repair service was operated under the name of James Harry J and achieved many positive reviews due to his exceptional service. Additionally, after researching Harry James Obituary Pei We learned from a source that a lot of people are offering respects to the James family for the loss. Many have also said that he was a kind man and a great repairman. So, we are devastated by the news about Harry’s passing. We are we are praying for his family.


This piece has shed more light on the latest death news for Harry James. Additionally, we have learned that he died on May 26, 2022 however the reason for his death has not yet officially announced. Get more details regarding his funeral announcement right here .

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