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Beautiful Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Wearing the same hairstyle repeatedly is a common thing among aging women. Some hairstyles for women over 50 will help you look younger than your age but also maintain your grown and respectable face. However, the aging ladies will look more elegant.

New hair color and styling change the looks entirely and can be an excellent way to start your 50s. The good news is you won’t be the first to wear these hairstyles. The pixies and bob hairstyles for women over 50 have been tried by many, but they are still popular, with many older women eying the styles. Some of the elegant hairstyles you can try as a 50-year-old woman are;

  • Tapered Short Hair

The seniors like an easy-to-style hairdo, and this short tapered hair will be perfect for them. It gives some luxurious fullness at the top, and it is neat enough to go to the office and for official events. Ensure your stylist layers the hair at the crown to make the texture more noticeable.

  • Medium Bob On Wavy Hair

You can try the medium-length bob hairdo if you have slightly curly or wavy hair. The hairstyle has minimal styling and maintenance effort, and it accentuates the facial features perfectly. Besides, the hair structure has some cute spontaneous flicks.

  • Medium Layered Hairstyle

Get the medium-layered hairdo if you want to give some lift around your face. The trimmed layers and elongated curtain bangs give the woman a youthful look, and the texture is also flattering to their old strands

  • Shoulder-Length Haircut With Trimmed Edges

Shoulder-length hair is easy to care for, so the old lady will not have too much work to do on her hair. Besides, adding trimmed edges to the haircut gives a universally flattering look. The edges look tidy with a shaggy finish which never goes out of style.

  • Chin Length Bob

If you are looking for the right hairstyles for women over 50 that frame your face perfectly, choose the chin-layered bob. You can add some style by parting the center and making the under ends slightly curly. The blonde color will hide your aging grey strands. However, some women rock their hair in those strands.

  • Medium Feathered Blonde Bob

If you want an easy-to-wash and style hairdo and one that will add some brightness to your face, go for the medium-feathered bob. The stylist cuts your hair up to the chin and the shoulders at the back. The advantage of this hairdo is that it is not picky with face shapes and is not hard when styling.

  • Long Layered Bob With A Fringe

A lob, another name for the layered bob, is a beautiful yet classy hairdo. The stylist adds some layers and thins out the contours to make this style pop. They then style the tresses by straightening them and flipping them with a round brush.

  • Disconnected Bob

The beautiful bob is a trendy hairdo that Is becoming popular among many aging women. You can add more style by including the caramel and pale blonde highlights with a brown base. Besides, highlights make hairstyles for women over 50 look more voluminous and suitable for this age.

  • Metallic Bob And Feathered Layers

You will never go wrong with a messy tousled bob. Furthermore, the style looks fabulous on mature women. The feathery layers make the cut more visible, and the long bangs frame the face and its other features.

  • Short Haircut

Older women also look good in short hairstyles for women over 50. However, you have to ensure that your head and face shape look great in this hairstyle. It mostly suits women with round faces. You should then style the sides with a mousse to get the messy pointed flicks.

  • Wavy Butter Blonde

No hairstyle will make you look youthful, like the wavy butter blonde. Besides, when the stylist adds an inverted bob with long sides, you will look more stunning. Leaving the roots darker and the outer strands wavy and blonde gives you the exact trending look among women over 50 years. You should also use the right hair products to make it stunning.

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