Growing use of Virtual Desktops within Different Enterprises

Many organizations and businesses have been using virtual Desktops for several years. Microsoft has not been the only virtual desktop service provider that competes with all the big companies in the cloud technology industry. 

Creating a virtual desktop environment for your business is much easier than setting up a physical one, but you may need the expert assistance of Hosted VDI providers who can guide you with the complex setup process.  

Let’s check the main reasons why many businesses prefer Azure Virtual Desktops:


Hybrid work stays here. With AVD, you can access your “work on a computer” anytime, anywhere, from any device. This is a personal or corporate PC, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone from a location connected to the Internet.


Once you have set up one or more virtual desktops in the management console, adding new users is not easy. You can set up a new starter in minutes and remove access immediately. All of this is managed from one central location, so you can grow your business faster.


The price structure may seem a bit complicated at first, but the concept is quite simple. With AVD, you pay only for what you use. Each user requires a specific Microsoft 365 license. Using Windows 10’s multi-session feature within AVD reduces the number of virtual machines and costs. Turn it off when you’re not using virtual desktops to save even more.


Providing employees with the right tools for their work. You can design a specific PC build for different areas of your business. For example, sales teams can share desktops configured to access CRM with M365 Office apps, but factory employees can use builds that only have access to MRP. 

You don’t have to worry about access because your cloud infrastructure is always on and always available.


Azure Virtual Desktop gives you the flexibility and freedom to work anytime, anywhere with the security and stability you expect from your physical infrastructure, all at a fraction of the cost. Managing end users, devices, virtual machines, and deployments are simplified from a single interface, giving you the control, you need for your environment and giving you time to focus on your business.


Conditional access in Azure Active Directory allows you to apply the appropriate security controls to your user accounts and devices. You can set password policies, enable multi-factor authentication, configure auto-updates, disable auto-run, and control many other important security features. Everything runs on Virtual Desktop Online and keeps your applications and systems up to date, so you don’t have to worry about security updates and patches. Your data is protected by the Azure cloud infrastructure, so you don’t have to worry about losing access to important information. Of course, you can also use Azure security solutions within your virtual environment such as Azure Firewall and Azure Security Center.


Virtualization offers cost and time savings, improved security, and boosts employee efficiency. Because of these benefits, many companies are moving to this service and moving away from limited hardware systems.

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