Goodkicks RU Reviews {April} Check If It Is Legit Or A Scam Website?

The aim of this article is to provide Goodkicks Reviews and details to ensure that the reader can make an informed choice.

Do you want to wear extravagant and expensive shoes? If so, it is recommended to read this article to find out the best ways to purchase the best shoes. Making the investment in high-quality shoes is beginning to be a fashion not only within the United States but also across the globe. However, the selection of high-quality shoes at affordable prices is a bit limited.

So, with our research to keep you up-to-date on the latest developments, such as Goodkicks Review of the United States. Without longer in the dark, let’s get to know more about this fairly new site.

Everything about Goodkicks. RU

It is important to know some basic information about the brand prior to purchasing any product from it. So, we looked deeper to find curious customers from those in United States and all over the world. It’s difficult to find information on the company’s brand on the site since it doesn’t have an area for this type of information. It’s also difficult to find information about the goal of the site online.

What you can learn in the search for answers, is Goodkicks RU legitimate? is the legitimacy and authenticity of the website are assured is a matter of fact. The site has Air Jordans, Adidas, Nike, Yeezy, Balenciaga and many more shoes to offer to its customers.


  • The official website URL for GoodKicks is
  • The website has the best and most popular shoes.
  • The first website to be created took place on the 14th of January in 2021.
  • The email address provided by the website is
  • The contact number is that can be found on the website at +8618030374797.
  • The site doesn’t offer the option of a newsletter.
  • The address of the company is not available from the official site.
  • Goodkicks Reviews can choose to returning the items for a period of 7 days.
  • The website offers a refund within 24-48 days of the return.
  • The item exchanged could take between 3 and 7 business days to arrive at the purchaser.
  • The website indicates that it is connected to social media.
  • GoodKicks offer Paypal as well as Bank Transfer as payment methods.

Website pros

  1. The website offers a large range of shoes that are branded at an affordable price.
  2. The site has reviews from customers.

Cons of Website

  1. The website isn’t popular enough.
  2. The website is a bit suspicious and has unreliable, and potentially dangerous tags that are attached to it.
  3. The site also offers limited payment options.

Does Goodkicks RU really exist? 

If you depend on online shopping platforms there is a possibility of coming across a site which is not legitimate. So, make sure to verify and confirm all facts prior to committing to any site.

Some of the things that will help that you make the right decision are listed below.

  1. The domain will be available beginning 14 January 2021, which makes it one year, three months and 3 days old.
  2. The expiration date for the domain is stated to be on the 14th of January in 2023.
  3. The website has also displayed icons for social media. But, following further research, Goodkicks RU Reviews discovered that it was not functioning.
  4. The website contains customer reviews that are included with the product.
  5. The score for the index of GoodKicks was 20.4 out of 100.
  6. The site also has a trust rating of 27% which is a poor score.
  7. The site has a 6,116,233 Alexa rank and has only two engagements.
  8. The website’s content is copied from other websites.
  9. The information regarding the owner of the company appears to be missing on the site.

Reviews from customers

The honest reviews written by individuals help not only the company improve, but also allows potential buyers to get an idea of the quality of product. So we searched for Goodkicks Reviews from customers and found that the majority of the reviews about the product are favorable.


This is why the final conclusion concerns the authenticity of Good kicks. Ru’s platform remains in doubt. The site appears legitimate considering factors like domain age, and customer reviews.

However, certain aspects such as low popularity and engagement, trust score and index score of the site make us wonder if we are authentic Goodkicks reviews are. So, it’s recommended that customers are patient before making purchases from this site.

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