Gonzalo Lira Arrested: Why Was Gonzalo Lira Arrested?

This post on Gonzalo Lira Arrested will discuss all the important details related to the case of famous social media personality Gonzalo Lira.

Do you know Gonzalo Lira? Do you know that he has been arrested recently? The internet is currently shocked after the detainment of popular social media personality Gonzalo Lira. Many people from the United Kingdom and the United States are discussing Gonzalo Lira’s case and searching for further details. This post on Gonzalo Lira Arrested will explain all the important details related to the latest updates of the social media personality Gonzalo Lira’s case, so we suggest everyone read this post till the end.

What happened to Gonzalo Lira?

Gonzalo Lira is a social media influencer arrested in Kharkiv, Ukraine, for producing proRussian propaganda. Gonzalo is a citizen of a Latin-American country, but he was living in Kharkiv, Ukraine. The Ukrainian police sent a secret police force to investigate Gonzalo Lira. During the research, the police discovered that Gonzalo was spreading materials that were justifying Putin’s armed invasion of Ukraine. Hence, the police Captured Gonzalo on 1st May 2023. Currently, Gonzalo is facing the possibility of being detained for around five to eight years.

Why was Gonzalo Lira arrested?

The Ukrainian secret police have arrested Gonzalo Lira as he was suspected of supporting Russian propaganda and Putin’s aggression against Ukraine. Readers should note that Gonzalo supported Russian propaganda while living in Ukraine. He discussed about Ukraine government on his YouTube channel. On 1st May 2023, police entered Gonzalo’s house and investigated Gonzalo’s residence. During the research, the police were shocked to find more evidence of the unlawful activities. The police have not revealed the activities to the media yet. Also, the police said they discovered some illegal things on Gonzalo Lira’s cell phone.

What had Gonzalo Lira done?

Gonzalo Lira was always an active social media influencer. Some recent reports have revealed that Gonzalo Lira had filmed some offensive videos where he insulted the soldiers of Ukraine by showing their faces. Many people discussed this on Reddit. Gonzalo Lira has been creating insulting content toward Ukraine for one year. Besides this, the SBU has also said that Gonzalo denied all the facts about the Russian missile attacks and mass killings of residents of Ukraine. Gonzalo openly supported Russian propaganda while he was living in Ukraine. Not only this, he was involved in some illegal activities that are yet to be revealed by the Ukrainian government.

Who is Gonzalo Lira?

Gonzalo Lira is a social media influencer. He has more than 300000 subscribers on social media. He posts videos about the politics of other countries and Ukraine. According to Wikipedia, Gonzalo was a former dating coach who guided people on relationships. However, now he has become a journalist and started discussing the politics of Ukraine. He has also taken many interviews with people and has discussed political issues with them. Besides this, there are no further details about his personal life details. The only detail about his personal life is that he is from Chile but was a resident of America.


To conclude this post, Gonzalo Lira has been detained by the Ukrainian government for supporting pro-Russian propaganda. Please visit this link to learn more about Gonzalo Lira

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