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This article will reveal US property prices over the next few years. If you’re interested in learning more about the forecast then please check out the article on Goldman Sachs Housing Market down.

Are you currently on the verge of being homeless? Do you want to own an apartment? If yes, this recent forecast of a real-estate expert is sure to inspire you to begin saving. It is true that the United States has specific guidelines for residential and commercial areas. Thus, the cost of these sites are based on several variables. Many have had difficulty purchasing a home or vacant property in the recent past. But, this is soon over thanks to Goldman Sachs Housing Market prediction. Please read our article until the last paragraph to know more about the market.

The Prediction/Report

A report entitled “The Housing Downturn: Even more to Fall” was released by Goldman Sachs analysts on Tuesday. According to the investment bank the forecast predicts a broad slowdown in the market for housing until 2022’s end. The company expects significant decreases in the number of new homes sold (-22 percent) and current home sales (17 percentage reduction) and the housing GDP (-8.9 loss of 1%) in the coming year. While Russia’s Russian market is in disarray GDP is expected to shrink by 3 percent this year.

Goldman Sachs Housing Market

In the year 2023, the United States housing market had its first dip in the years since Great Depression. 2023 isn’t going to give any respite, either. Goldman Sachs expects new house sales to decrease by 8.8%, existing house sales to decline by 14% and the housing GDP to drop by 9.2 percent over the next year. The most likely outcome is still to come. most likely outcome.

The Inflation Effect

A Federal Reserve’s effort to curb inflation have invariably contributed to the current housing slump. The housing market sank after the reserve bank began raising the mortgage rates in spring. A large number of homeowners as well as Goldman Sachs Housing Market stopped seeking new house all across in the United States. According to the Federal Reserve believes that a drop in the market for housing can have a ripple affect on the economy slowing growth, and also helping to curb inflation.

The decrease in the housing market could be due to the increase in the amount of households. A record-breaking increase in the number of households was a result of the epidemic as well as it was the Work From Home revolution it caused. Do you think millennials are the reason who do not want to have their home office with their children? Goldman Sachs Housing Market however, says that this trend has ceased.

The Result

As per Goldman Sachs, the housing market will reach its lowest point in the year 2019. The investment bank forecasts that the market for property will begin to recover in 2024. Goldman Sachs forecasts that this will result in an increase of 3.5 percent and 3.8 percent for 2024 and 2025 respectively.


The US real property market is not difficult to understand if you’re familiar with the various estate topics. We’ve the entire Goldman Sachs forecastin in this report. Based on our study, the inflation rate and construction time, the pandemics, and many other variables are all factors that influence this Goldman Sachs Housing Market study.

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