Global Liveability 2022 Index {June} Check The Top Most List!

This article discusses a recent city ranking that is based on living standards and other important factors. Visit Global Liveability 2022 Index.

Do you want to learn more about the cities that offer the highest quality of life for residents? Are you curious to find out which cities topped the list of most desirable places? Keep reading to learn all about the factors that influenced the ranking.

Global Liveability 2022 Index reflects the ranking of worldwide cities based on their quality of life. As the pandemic subsided, there were significant changes to the rankings. We will take a closer look at the list in order to get a better understanding.

Global Liveability Ranking 2022

The Economist Intelligence Unit publishes the list 172 cities in chronological order. Based on ratings given to each city, the ranks are determined. A city can only achieve 100 ratings.

On 23 June 2022, the official publication of the Global Liveability Ranking for 2022 was made on EIU’s website. The list was topped by Vienna, the capital of Austria, followed closely by Copenhagen, Zurich, and Calgary. Continue reading to see the Global Liveability Index 20022 Full List.

How are the Rankings Calculated?

  • Rankings of cities are based upon EIU ratings based on quality of life.
  • Healthcare, stability, environment and culture are the major factors that influence ratings.
  • Over 30 qualitative and quantitative factors are tested across all socio-economical fields.
  • Each city is rated according to its tolerance, acceptability, unfavorable, unacceptable, and discomfort.
  • Each factor receives a score which is then reflected in the overall rating.
  • These ratings range from 1 through 100.

Index Global Liveability 2022 Index

  • EIU’s Global Liveability Index gave Vienna a 99.1 rating and it topped the list.
  • Copenhagen, Denmark’s capital, was ranked 2nd, with a rating 98.0.
  • Canada’s Zurich and Calgary, Switzerland respectively, shared the third rank.
  • Vancouver is next in the rankings with 96.1 rating.
  • After Vancouver, Geneva, Frankfurt and Toronto are followed by Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Toronto, Frankfurt, and Toronto.
  • Osaka, Japan, and Melbourne, Australia share the tenth spot on the list. Both cities are rated 95.1.
  • Vienna has been given full ratings for stability and healthcare.

Top Ranked Cities

  • According to the Global Liveability 2022 Index Syria’s capital Damascus ranks at the bottom of the list of 172 cities. The Index rating is 30.7.
  • Nigeria’s biggest city, Lagos, is at 171st rank. Nigeria’s index rating is 32.2.
  • Tripoli, the capital of Libya, is the third most dangerous city on this list.
  • Algiers and Karachi are among the other cities included in the worst ten cities.


EIU’s Global Liveability Index, which evaluates the quality of life in cities, is one of the most popular ranking systems. This list is crucial in making decisions about immigration. For more information, please click here.

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