Gettr Wiki (January 2022) Some Details About The Platform Here!

This article explains Gettr in detail, including the user interface and reasons people are receiving backlash. Keep in touch with us.

Gettr is a social media site and microblogging website that was launched in July 2021. It can be described as Twitter meets Gettr, with people being able to share their opinions. Jason Miller, a spokesperson for Donald Trump and an aide to him, founded the website.

It was criticized by other users for violating the terms of service and using hacker accounts to post content that referred to racism and terror. The United States is the website’s headquarters. The Gettr Wiki brief can be found here.

What’s the latest?

After several social media sites had banned Donald Trump’s tweets, Instagram, and Facebook, James Mason created the website. A number of Trump supporters were also banned from the website by the platform because they posted conspiracy theories and hate towards Americans.

Trump began to look for other ways to share content and his opinions on different topics after the ban. He eventually started his blog. Unfortunately, it was closed after just a few days. The Gettr Wiki section will tell you if the website is a replica of Twitter.

The essential points about the news

  • Officially launched on July 4, 2021, the website is considered conservative social media platform. The website was hacked by hackers, which posted content about Palestinian supporters.
  • It can also verify users, and it is recommended for those aged 17 years and above.
  • It is eager to facilitate political donations and live streaming of videos. It plans to remove obscene content from its platform and ban users from posting violating feeds.

Views of Gettr Wiki

James Mason, CEO of Gettr, stated that the platform had over half a million users and 1.3 million installed globally between July-August, the time of its launch. When it launched, the platform had a lot of support. This platform was very popular with people.

Commoners. However, Taylor Greene’s account on Twitter was blocked and she was then invited to join Gettr. Journalists of United Kingdom also claimed that the platform was used to incite racism, anti-Semitism, and terrorism. Numerous people are still using Gettr. Gettr Wiki provides all details about the platform as well as how to use it.


The platform’s details can be found here. It was created to promote common sense, fight against social media monopolies, and to address other issues that affect the common world. You can find the information from well-known sources. You can review details gathered from Gettr, and leave a comment below.

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