Geek Squad Auto Renewal Scam {Aug} Check The Information!

This article discusses the The Geek Squad Automatic Renewal Fraud to alert users of an e-mail or text message that is phishing, which that they must know about and treat cautiously.

Did you receive an expiry notification via Geek Squad? Did you check if the email is suspicious prior to reverting? Please wait and be cautious as this could be fraud. Many of the users from within the United States recently received a letter stating that their subscription had expired. A lot of Geek Squad users have responded to the email and some have paid renewal fees. Have you checked to see if this is an Geek Squad Auto Renewal scam?

What does it mean? Geek Squad?

The Best Buy subsidiary, Geek Squad, offers assistance for problems with computers or appliances. Online and on-site support is included in this. In addition, it offers an annual subscription package priced at 199.00 USD. It specifically this option which is employed to deceive users.

The sophisticated phishing scam which includes Geek Squad fake e-mails has been going on for a long time. It is possible to receive an e-mail from a scammer warning you of the fact that the validity of your Geek Squad membership has run out and will not renew until you contact the number. However, it is not recommended to give your personal information or credit card information to be protected from these scams.

Geek Squad Automatic Renewal Fraud:

The phishing email associated with Geek Squad operates quite similarly to other scams of this kind. For instance, a certain amount would be taken from your account to automatically renew your annual subscription as per a letter you receive from a fraudster.

There is a customer support hotline to stop the transaction. However, customers will be more inclined to divulge sensitive information, like transactions in financial institutions or credit card information after they call the number. In addition, they may receive a hyperlink to download malware which could access their computer and steal important information. You must therefore be aware that it could be an scam like the Geek Squad Auto Renewal scam.

How do I determine whether the email from Geek Squad is fraud?

Here are some suggestions to help you determine whether the email the Geek Squad sent you Geek Squad is scam or not.

  • It will be helpful it if you checked the content for spelling and grammar errors in the email.
  • Check the way in which the email you received was structured.
  • Verify the sender’s e-mail address
  • Examine if the e-mail asks for personal information because Geek Squad never asks for this information.
  • Check if the e-mail’s information is not consistent.
  • Also, research similar scams on the internet since a lot of these scams contain the same details.

Finding out the fact that it’s the case that it is a Geek Squad Automatic Renewal Scam will make it easier to avoid this scam. In addition, you can call Geek Squad’s helpline for reports of suspicious emails. Find out what you can on Geek Squad’s fraud.


E-mails that are phishing, unfortunately, are only one of the many disadvantages of the internet’s vast applications. The latest update to the collection are Geek Squad. Geek Squad hoax e-mails, that have caused victims to lose a significant amount of dollars. Also, you should read how to safeguard yourself from scams.

It is recommended to follow the guidelines below to steer clear of this scam from Geek Squad. Did you get an email to renew your subscription sent by Geek Squad? Let us know what you did to resolve Geek Squad’s auto renewal scam.

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