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In this article we will discuss which is a platform for fundraising specifically for students in the US.

Are you looking to assist students when you shop for items for your own? In this article we will look at an online platform that aids students by generating funds. A lot of charity platforms advertise charity for the less fortunate however, many are scams but some are legitimate.

We will then discuss the information you require to evaluate this platform independently. It is It is a redirection service which redirects you to another well-known platform called

The website of this site is gaining popularity across the United States and other countries Let’s discuss further this further in this article.

What is Fundprizes Website?

It’s a redirect site that directs you to a platform called in the above paragraph. We will look at

Shopfund is a renowned fundraising platform that makes money for students through selling items through their website. The site offers three ways to sign up there as a parent seller, you can sign up as a sponsor or shop for items and help raise money for students.

For shopping on their site you will need an student ID that you can obtain by clicking on the Get student code option available to shoppers on the page of shopping.

Is Fundprizes com Safe to Use?

The most important thing to consider is: can you make use of Below are some tips that will provide you with an idea of the credibility of the website:

  • Domain creation date – 2019-06-04.
  • Domain Expiry Date 2022-06-04.
  • Domain Age The domain age of the fun prize is two years, two months, and 20 days.
  • Connection to HTTPS As it is redirecting a site, we are unable to tell whether it is secured HTTPS connection.
  • Review by Customers as currently, this platform isn’t that well-known and doesn’t have any reviews from users online.
  • The trust score – has an trust score of more than 80 percent This is good for security, but it isn’t a guarantee of safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Where is the location at ShopFund’s Headquarters?

A1. The address is 9540 Maroon Cir. Ste 100, Englewood, Colorado, 80112, United States.

Q2. What is revenues?

A2. It earns under $5million.

Q3. What is the ShopFund’s business?

A3. It is a part of the business in the field of Retail General.

Only residents who are residents of in the United States can raise funds on but people from all over the world are able to visit the website of Fundprizes com. We have covered FAQs on their website since the website for fundprizes redirects users to the platform.

The Final Verdict

The danger of using platforms for fundraising is increasing We are not in any way encouraging you to buy or even sponsor through this platform. This article is only meant to provide you with information about this platform, and to help you decide whether you should use the service or not. Take a look at the initial platform’s URL to yourself here.

What do you think of this platform? Tell us in the comments below. Please spread this post to let others know about it.

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