Frank Somerville Health: What Illness Does Frank Have?

Frank Somerville’s Health: The American Journalist has spoken out about his mental health issues in the past. Find out what his current situation is.

Frank Somerville, an American journalist, has been in the industry since 1991. He is well-known for his three decade-long tenure at KTVU, Oakland, California.

Frank’s amazing work has earned him several awards. He received three Emmy Awards and was also named the best news anchor on camera.

KTVU suspended Somerville after his arrest in December of 2021. The suspension became permanent when the agreement ended in January 2022. KTVU did not re-sign Somerville after that.

After Frank revealed his struggles with mental health, many people wanted to know more about his current situation, which is described in detail below.

Frank Somerville Health 2023: Is He Sick?

Frank Somerville may have a good health, but he hasn’t said anything about it. It is therefore believed that Somerville does not have a serious illness.

In May 2021, he was caught on camera slurring words and abruptly leaving mid-broadcast.

Somerville was then unemployed and humiliated following public displays of shame. This included an on-air impairment, followed by a drunken driving charge.

Frank Somerville Disease Explained in Depth

Frank Somerville, as we have already stated, has had some mental problems in the past. Frank was caught slurring his words and struggling to finish a newscast.

Somerville then said that he had taken two Ambien by mistake, a sleeping pill that is used to aid in sleep, just before the newscast at 10pm on May 30, 2021.

Frank also claimed that he wasn’t drunk when he did the newscast. Frank spent nine weeks in rehab as well.

Somerville has been open about his mental illness in the media.

After his suspension by KTVU for the incident of 2021, he asked once for a second opportunity to renew his contract. Frank also went to Facebook and said that his firing was not related to the DUI. He blamed a number of things, such as serious mental health problems, for his dismissal.

Where is Frank Somerville now?

Frank Somerville’s arrest is making news. He was initially detained Monday night at the home of his brother on Indian Rock Avenue.

Somerville, who was involved in an altercation and arrested for alleged intoxication, was allegedly drunk. Just before 3:30am, the police received a second call after he had been released from jail. Somerville rang the doorbell at the same home on Tuesday.

Police arrived on the scene and found Somerville driving drunk and exhibiting objective signs of public intoxication. He was arrested again because of this.

He is reportedly now in the Santa Rita Jail, and will appear before a court on Thursday morning for his arraignment.

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