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Fossils’s Last Stand review has posted an incident with an incident involving a Lyft driver who was in Pennsylvania and the impact it had on the satisfaction of the customers of the restaurant.

Are you in search of the most recent viral video which shows an dispute between two passengers of a Lyft driver, and one of his passengers? The video went viral and garnered thousands of views via Twitter following its posting on Sunday.

The incident happened during a confrontation between James Bode and two of his guests in front of Fossils Last Stand at Catasauqua, PA, United States. The driver has accused the passenger of making racist remarks and has filed a complaint for assault. For more information about this incident, check out Fossils’s The Last Stand Review until the very end.

Reviews for Fossils Last Stand Restaurant:

The Viral video that has been circulating on the Twitter and Facebook platforms is affecting the Fossil restaurant severely as customers are enraged at racial remarks made by the driver of the taxi. The majority of the platforms owned by the owner of Fossil were not accessible.

In TripAdvisor, Fossil has a five-star rating based on four reviews. It also has an 4.2 rating out of 642 votes on Facebook. The rating on is affected the most by angry customers rating 0 or 1. Some ratings do not take the situation into consideration.

Fossils Last Stand Pennsylvania Owner Cab Incident:

Lyft driver contacted customer Jackie to complete the ride by her in the front the Fossil Last Stand restaurant. When she saw this driver Jackie said that the driver appeared similar to a regular white male and that he also spoke excellent English This comment was not liked by Bode and he asked Jackie to repeat the comment.

All of these events were captured on the dash cam of the car and James advised the client of the fact that it was being recorded. The person who was in front of the vehicle inquired about the conversation and Bode informed him of the incident.

When Fossils ‘ Last Stand Pennsylvania manager Bode was ready to go, Bode did not want to go on the ride and asked the passengers to take the cab off. The man was irritated who confronted his Lyft driver with a slap and hurled racist insults at him.

Viral Videos about this racist slur Incident

The incident happened on the 13th May and Bode posted it to his Facebook page on that same day. In the blog post James said that they are the owners of Fossils Stand however Bode isn’t sure about the authenticity of it. He also said that a police investigation was filed against the owner for threats of assault and racial slur against the driver.

The Fossils Final Stand review along with the reactions of people:

Internet users have expressed their anger at the patrons and have written negative reviews of this Fossils restaurant. The majority of people oppose this decision to judge individuals based on race, color, and the language. On reviews, users have awarded either a single or zero rating to this establishment due to inappropriate comments from owners.


Based on research conducted online according to research, the video that was posted in connection with the incident was posted on Sunday morning by Adam, a political strategist Adam on Twitter and is predicted to reach 1 million people. People who have an impartial view about other groups ought to take note of this incident and evaluate people based on merit.

Fossils’s Last Stand review believes that all other organizations should adopt the same position taken by Bode when it comes to racism. The public can express their opinions about this incident by commenting in the section.

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