Flowers for My Moon Roblox (June 2022) All Updates Details Here!

The Flowers For My Moon Roblox article provides all the details regarding the levels, such as lost and abandon, as well as tips and tricks.

Are you a fan of Roblox? Do you want to play an online hospital game that allows you to provide patient care? Roblox is a great game that’s becoming increasingly popular with US players. This article is about Flowers For My Moon Roblox.

Roblox details

Roblox offers the game Flowers for My Moon. Roblox allows users to create and play many games. Iltria developed the game. My Moon was inspired by the Evergreen program, so they recreated it.

The game is centered around hospital wards. Each patient will have their own history of medical records. The game was created on January 5, 2021. Today, they have updated the gaming software. Players can expect a major update to the game.

Flowers for My Moon Absortion

This indicates that players have abandoned their patients. Players can express their sadness by abandoning “Autumn” as their character. They can unplug the plug to let them go. Players cannot go back to their patient’s room after unplugging them.

They will receive a message saying, “The patient has been abandoned by the player.” Players will sometimes get a happy ending after spending hours with the patient before leaving them.

The lost

Flowers for My Moon Lost will take players through different rooms. The important thing is that players should remember the star they have acquired. The ghosts will kill players who choose the wrong star. They must remember their stars in order to survive this “lost” program. They will eventually see this program as a lost dream for them and dismiss it as a fake illusion.

The game that is most popular

The Flowers for My Moon Roblox are very popular with young people. Nearly 1.5 Million people visited the Flowers for My Moon profile. 1871 players follow the profile for updated information. Developer Harmony killed helps build the hub area, and other props.

Players are now expecting leverage when playing the game. They can only play certain programs once and then they will be banned. Players are waiting for an update from the team. Many gamers praised this game for being an entertaining one.


The article ” Flowers for My Moon Roblox” provided information about various programs. This game also gives players many badges such as sky drowner and visiting hours, protagonist syndrome, locked memory, etc. to aid them. The game is based on a different journal and attracts many gamers from all over the country. Get more roblox updates

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