Flexbooker Scam (January 2022) Read & Check All Aspects Here!

The guide provides information and opinions of customers to let you know whether the Flexbooker scam is genuine.

Make appointments, book appointments, and drive your business forward with Flexbooker The online platform that allows you to take reservations and set up appointments. It’s the powerful and advanced technology that can help you transform and grow your company.

As it is an online appointment scheduling tool that helps professionals to manage several classes, appointments, delivery of services, and much more. Online reservations are also a aspect of the platform and it effectively minimizes non-shows by providing a custom easy-to-use interface.

In spite of all the features however, many people from Canada and the United States and Canada would like to know determine if the Flexbooker scam or is a genuine platform to utilize.

About Flexbooker

Flexbooker is the platform online for scheduling and booking appointments. It enables enterprises of any size to accept and manage reservations from the official website, while also organizing schedules effectively.

The platform is simple to use and requires only some time to create. It’s a mobile-friendly app and lets users sign up on any device using Booking widgets as well as booking websites.

Additionally, the attractive calendar view helps you manage schedules and appointments using any web browser. In addition to appointment scheduling or bookings it allows businesses to take payment on a regular basis and to send reminders. If you’re interested in knowing the basics of Flexbooker and if it’s a fraud or legitimate, keep reading.

Is Flexbooker Legit or Scam?

There are certain criteria to determine the legitimacy of any website or application. Prior to signing up with any website or application the users should verify the legitimacy of the site to stay clear of scams later.

  • After reviewing, we discovered that the site is old, having been established eight years ago on the 17 May 2013. Therefore, it appears to be safer.
  • In addition, the platform has regained the trust score to 96 which is an impressive trust rating of 80.9/100 which makes the app more secure.
  • If you are looking to find any Flexbooker scam You will find numerous reviews and testimonials of previous users. Alongside positive reviews, the program has been awarded the highest score of 4.9-star out of 5.
  • Many happy users left opinions about the platform.

The application isn’t fraudulent in light of these results and other facts. The reviews are favorable and the app is safe to use. But before you download make sure you go through these reviews to be sure that the application meets your particular requirements.

What is The Flexbooker Review of a Customer?

The platform has been highly praised by numerous users and customers. It has received mixed feedback with the highest score of 4.9-star out five.

Customers are pleased and content using this platform. They’re encouraging other businesses to utilize it to schedule and manage appointments using one single application. Make sure you go through all review prior to making a decision to sign up with the service.


Begin with the Flexbooker cost trial today. You’ll get a no-cost trial for 14 days at the time you sign up the account will be activated and you’ll be able to start accepting online reservations and scheduling appointments on your site directly.

There aren’t any reviews to make the claim of the Flexbooker scam since the majority of reviews praise and endorse the application for scheduling appointments.

Do you have any information to add to Flexbooker? Please share your thoughts in the comments section.

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