Five Letter Words That Start With Chu {April} Check Here!

This article explains five letter words that start with Chu and will help you expand your vocabulary by understanding new words.

Do you know words that begin with CHU? If not, we’ve provided you with the information you need! You’ll feel happy knowing that you’ll be able to win the word games with no blinks. The games are very popular across America. United States.

This article was specifically created to offer you every one of the five Letter Words that Start With Chu. The article will give you an alphabet of words with their significance. Learn and love the process of learning new terms.

Words Beginning with CHU

  • Chuck- To rub or squeeze gently, especially under the cheeks.


  • To throw or throw. For example, he tossed rocks into the water.
  • Informally, it means to throw away or dispose of.
  • Example: She tossed her old clothes
  • Chunk is a solid slab of any material like bread or wood.
  • Example: He ordered a few pieces of meat for his guests at the gathering.
  • Learn more powerful words to your vocabulary using these 5 letter words that begin with Chu,
  • A Churn is a tool or container that is used to mix milk or lotion. is stirred to separate the oily globules of ice from the solid/caseous components that are which are needed to create butter.
  1. Uproar or turbulence


  • a. Stir or stir (milk/cream) for the purpose of making butter.
  • b. To prepare by the agitation of milk or cream
  • Chump- A person who is vulnerable or the victim.
  • A dumb person or a blockhead
  • Chuff- To create or change position with high-pitched puffing and explosive sounds
  • Churl-
  • A rude, uncivilized person.
  • A despicable person.

Additional Five Words That Begin with Chu

  • Chute – An inclined trench or path that items can be able to pass.
  • A narrow, mostly fence-lined corridor for cattle and steeds.
  • A linear extension of the angles of an oval track, used to begin certain races that are long enough to ensure that the finish line remains at the straightaway in the form of shelves in the clubhouse.
  • Churrr – The raucous whirring or trilling sound made by birds or insects as well as grasshoppers. an intense sound of whirring.
  • Chufais a sedge that has been designed to be edible for its tubers similar to a nut, and usually appearing as an invasive weed.

Other Words That Begin with Chu

  • Chugs- A tinny, stuttering sound that is repeated over an indefinite time, created by/as though by a gruelling motor’s work.
  • For making dull and volume fluctuations.
  • To travel, while making low-key and loud sounds.
  • Chubs- 1. Any of a variety of usually large body
  • Freshwater fishes.
  • Chumsis a close friend who helps his pals during their activities
  • A trap with pieces of oil or fish, which are tossed out to attract fish
  • A huge Pacific fish, a salmon with very tiny marks on the tail of its fish; a major fish for diet.

Final Verdict

Five-letter words that begin with Chu were examined and covered in the article. The words with particular characters can cause you to have many problems while engaging in word game. Being aware of them will help you stand out from the rest of the players.

Do you find yourself learning new words every day? If so, let us know what new words that you have come across today.

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