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If you’re looking for an investment firm that is legitimate and are you are thinking about Fisher Investments, please follow the Fisher Investments Client Reviews article.

Are you searching for an investment plan? Have you heard of Fisher Investments before? If yes, we’ll suggest that you go through the entire article prior to taking any actions. Fisher Investments is a global financial management company that is located on the United States. Fisher Investments has more than 68,000 customers and more than 175 institutions. Before you sign up for any of their services you must read the review of the clients first. By reading this Fisher Investments Client Reviews article, you’ll find all the answers.

Customer Reviews for Fisher Investments:

If you browse through their “Customer Review” section, you’ll notice there are reviews for both customers and Fisher Investments. Fisher Investments get both positive and negative reviews. While the majority of them gave only one to two stars, others were rated as high as five or four stars. However, in the overall score, Fisher Investments gets only two stars out of five. The clients have mentioned both the positives and negatives of the company. However, after an in-depth study, we came to discover Fisher Investments has more pros than cons. Fisher Investments has more cons than pros. Therefore, we suggest you continue reading our Fisher Investments Client Reviews article to understand the full details.

One customer named Joe wrote a review on July 25, 2022. In the”pros” section, Joe said that the staff from Fisher Investments are nice. In the section on cons it was concerning the boilerplate method as well as false services. He also said that one must read reviews prior to taking any action. He only gave one star.

On the 22nd of July, 2022, a client identified as Fred said in his pros and cons section, that the company has a compelling TV commercial. However, in the section on cons the client stated the following: Fisher Investments is pushy and offensive, and that they offer excessive pressure. He also only gave one star.

The positive feedback to reviewers of Fisher Investments Client Reviews:

In the section on pros Some clients spoke of great communications, fancy mailers, elegant videos, TV commercials amazing narratives, excellent service, etc.

In reality this section of the pros is bigger than the pros. A lot of clients didn’t say a positive thing about Fisher Investments. If the company gets 20 % of good reviews, then it will have 80percent of negative reviews.

History of Fisher Investments:

Ken Fisher, a popular investor established Fisher Investments in 1979. The main office is located within Camas, Washington. However, do you be able to test this firm after reading Fisher Investments Client Reviews? They might have a lot of customers that come from Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia however their reviews aren’t good enough to be trusted.

A Little Information About Fisher Investments:

  1. They employ 1320 advisors.
  2. The management owns a total of $208,905,102 assets in their portfolio.
  3. The address is located at 5525 Northwest Fisher Creek Drive, Camas, Washington 98607.
  4. Their official website is https://www.fisherinvestments.


There are many investment companies available and Fisher Investments may not be the best choice for you. One great illustration of why you shouldn’t choose Fisher Investments is today’s Fisher Investments Client Reviews article. Click here for more details on Fisher Investments and Fisher Investments.

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