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In this post on the Festival of Saskatoon Fireworks We’ve attempted to provide all the information you require prior to visiting this festival.

Are you aware of The Nutrien Fireworks Festival this year, 2022? Are you looking forward to this event? This event is taking place within Canada and hundreds of people are gathering to celebrate the event with a lot of love and joy and many fun events for everyone. If you’re interested in learning the details regarding the Festival of Saskatoon Fireworks and other events, keep reading to find out more about it.

The date when it will happen?

The festival will be held on September 2nd, Friday and on the Saturday of September 3rd, during Labour Day weekend. It will include around 65000 people taking part in celebrating communities and culture. The 2nd of September the festival will take place between 6:00 and 9:00 pm. Then on the 3rd day of September, it will run between 3:00 and 9:45 at night. The festival will last for two days, and everyone is welcome to attend this celebration. Find out more about the event.

Festivals have activities included.

The festival will take place close to by the River Landing along with Rotary Park. The Festival Saskatoon Fireworks will include spectacular dance performances and awe-inspiring entertainment that includes a variety of food and music. Canadian performers will be on display during the day. There will be many activities, such as Storytelling in an Igloo, Rotary Park, SGI Family Fun Zone, SGI Safety Fair, Cultural Showcase at River Landing, Neighbourhood Face Off, Vendors, etc. There will be plenty of entertainment, fun, and food options for everyone and lots of music. There will be plenty of activities that are suitable for all ages. There will be 20 tasty trucks on display at the festival for you to test on. Handwashing and sanitation facilities are available throughout the festival for COVID-related precautions.

Festival Saskatoon Fireworks

It’s an event of the highest quality that everyone can enjoy the festivities and the spectacular fireworks that are held each throughout the entire year Canada. Parking for vehicles is a challenge each year, which is why it is advised to take public transportation. We’re looking forward to seeing you all at the festival and hope to bring even an extra excitement to the festival. In this post, you’ll discover all the details about the event.

Get in touch with them

They can also be connected through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and via a phone call to 306-652-1400, ext. 6. You may also reserve an accommodation in a hotel. Festival Saskatoon Fireworks Festival Saskatoon Fireworks is able to meet all of your expectations. There are a variety of fun activities to enjoy. The seating capacity for storytelling is limited to just 40 people for each session. The story will last 20 minutes in length, with a an interval of 10 minutes between stories. Read on to find out more about the process.


To end, we’d advise our readers to take part in this event along with their families and friends. They will have all the entertainment all in one location. You can make this an enjoyable event by bringing your presence. Visit this link to learn more regarding this Festival.

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