Feastables .com Reviews {February 2022} Is The Online Store Legit?

The aim for this post is blot out the dries of readers by launching appropriate Feastables .com reviews.

Chocolate lovers, there’s something good for you.

You are a lover of chocolates. But do you really want chocolate that has the experience of “Gamified”? A store online offers a variety of “Gamified” chocolates for you. It is possible to taste the chocolate and then enjoy it with your loved ones too.

The website’s name is Feastables .com. Since its launch the market has become famous throughout India and in the United States. A lot of people have begun buying chocolates through the website already.

We should also look into details about this store by conducting the appropriate Feastables .com reviews.

About Feastables.com

The website was created with the help of the very popular “YouTuber” Jimmy Donaldson. The man is also famous by the nickname “Mr Beast”.

The goal of Mr. Beast was quite clear. He wanted to provide premium quality snakes and chocolate to his customers.

According to our study, the website provides delicious and gluten-free chocolate bars for customers. In the beginning, the site provides four kinds of chocolate.

However, over time, users will receive more flavor options. The website is also well-known within The United Kingdom. A lot of people purchase chocolate on the website.


  • The Date of Domain- 07.11.2000
  • Website Link– https://feastables.com
  • Official Address Office Address Office address isn’t listed on the website.
  • Contact Information: According to Feastables .com Review the only text number is provided to communicate
  • The Products – Almond Chocolate, Original Chocolate, Quinoa Crunch Chocolate and more.
  • Conditions of delivery: You can buy directly from the website preference. The product will be delivered within 15 minutes.
  • Delivery Costs – Free shipping up to 30 bars.
  • Return Norms: The returns of these items isn’t offered as they are perishable products.
  • The possibility of refund The refund policy is not stated on the site.
  • Payment Methods – Direct payment option.
  • The availability of Social Media: Yes the social media channels are accessible.
  • Return Process – The return terms aren’t mentioned on the web site.

Why do you buy at the Shop?

We must discover the following knowledge and resolve prior to examining Foodables .com Review.

  1. The website provides excellent varieties of chocolate bars to its customers.
  2. The chocolates in this collection are distinctive.
  3. Chocolates are gluten-free and nutritious.
  4. The website provides a wide variety of chocolates.
  5. Chocolate can be ordered fast.
  6. The cost of chocolate isn’t too expensive.
  7. Contest for buyers is open.

The reasons why you shouldn’t purchasing

We must consider the pros and pros and cons of purchasing on this site. Our survey says.

  1. Unfortunately, there is a lot of information not available to give you a better understanding of the website.
  2. The contact number is not exact.

Let’s look into the credibility of the site before we dive into further the Feastables .com Review in the fullest detail.

Legitimacy Factors

Many users may ask: is the website legit or is it not? We look up a lot of information about the site to prove the legitimacy of the site.

  • HTTPS protocols: According to our investigation, the website is using genuine HTTPS protocol. We also didn’t discover an HTTPS protocol that is “Blacklist” protocols.
  • Domain Date According to the date of the domain, it is quite old. It was established on the 7th of November, 2000.
  • is Active on Social Platforms Based on our research, the site appears active on various social networks. You can look up for their Twitter or Instagram pages.
  • The Founder’s Information: We found the information about the founder. Based on our research along with Feastables .com reviews, we know the creator of this site was Jimmy Donaldson.
  • Contact Validity – We are unable to locate any contact information, however you can send a text message to “69420” as per the official website.
  • trust matter: The trust score of the matter is 85 percent. This is amazing and highly trustworthy.
  • Address Validity: No, address is stated on the official site. We are, however, not able to find any information on the identical address.
  • Policies These policies have been listed to allow you to access the FAQ section on the portal to answer all your questions regarding different policies, such as replacement, return shipping, return, etc.

Feastables .com Reviews

Since customer reviews are crucial to making a site legitimate. We haven’t seen any reviews from customers who are eligible on the website.

From other credible sources, we have found many positive reviews of the website. Many of the customers have reported that they offer a high-quality quality products. A lot of positive reviews can be found from social media profiles.


Based on our case study of this site, we can declare that the website isn’t a fraud. We’ve analyzed and reviewed the Feastables .com reviews in an extremely constructive way.

However, the site does not give much details about the site. We recommend you run all the tests prior to purchasing on the website.

Check out on the website for the official organization of Feastables to get more information.

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