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In this post on Nintendo Switchwe covered the steps to get the Nintendo switch from Quaker and the eligibility criteria.

Do you eat oat Quaker? Are you looking to take home the Nintendo switch with Quaker? It is the Quaker Oats Company, which is an American food conglomerate well-known throughout all of the United States, is rewarding its customers with a variety of exciting prizes.

Kindly follow this post on Nintendo Switch to learn about how to win these rewards and the eligibility criteria to win the Nintendo switch.

What’s this offer from Quaker Oats?

Quaker Oats, a US-based company well-known for its oatmeal and food recently announced an exciting competition for their customers to win Nintendo Switch.

You can get an thrilling gaming experiences each week by buying Quaker oatmeal and receiving one from the 300 Nintendo Switch Packs. The containers of Quaker’s oatmeal as well as Cap’n Crunch consist of your key to unlock Nintendo Switch’s packs. You have to visit Nintendo Switch to get your rewards in the form of Mario Party Superstar, Nintendo switches O-LED and many more.

The minimum requirement to be a winner of the Nintendo switch

The applicants who are eligible must be at minimum 18 years old and, for Alabama or Nebraska applicants, they must be older than 19. One can apply once per email address per day during the contest. But, you are able to apply for the next day using an email account you applied with, but only once every day. Thus, with Quaker chance to win some prizes for yourself as well as your loved ones.

How to apply for Nintendo Switch?

The Quaker oatmeal has been taking the entire United States by storm owing to their announcement.

Following the announcement, everyone would like to know how to submit an application for the reward.

To obtain your codes, apply any of the methods:

  1. Purchase specially marked boxes of Quaker oatmeal cereal in squares, Cap’n Crunch of any size and flavor, and then look for the code unique to each box and save it.
  2. If you prefer the second option, go to the official website of Quaker and complete all of the necessary information and then submit the request for code. After submission an unique code will be sent to you. Nintendo Switch

The Quaker Oats have revealed a fun competition in which you can get some amazing rewards. The prizes include one Nintendo Switch OLED system, and you can select any code to play this Nintendo Switch game from the three codes listed below:

  1. Splatoon 3
  2. Mario Superstars
  3. Pokemon legends Arceus

After calculating, the total amount from the award was estimated to be $122,94.


In this article we’ve provided our readers with the benefits offered by Quaker and the process to earn these rewards, as well as the criteria for eligibility.

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